What is Psbgen?

What is Psbgen?

PSBGEN is the last statement telling there are no more statements to process. PSBNAME defines the name given to the output PSB module. The LANG parameter specifies the language in which the application program is written, e.g., COBOL.

What is DBD and PSB?

This metadata is derived from the database descriptors (DBDs) and program specification blocks (PSBs) that you create when you define your databases and application programs views to IMS. Some of the metadata is database metadata , which describes the physical database.

What is a PSB in mainframe?

Program Specification Block defines the programs view of the database and application Programs access authority to database. PSB defines the logical data structure. PSB is made up of one or more PCBs (Program communication blocks). PSB describes the database as a particular application program views it.

What is Procopt in IMS?

It enables the application program to run and the IMS subsystem to update the database concurrently. PROCOPT=N. Read only. (Use this code with GO.) N allows the application program to avoid abends when referring to data that is being updated by another program.

What is mainframe PCB?

PCB – This is Program communication block which is defined in Linkage of COBOL program. ( This can be in any language like Pl1 Easytrieve etc) It has different PCB masks for each Database and TP which are defined in the PSB of the related program. IMS COBOL Batch program can be executed via Batch JCL.

What is a PCB in IMS?

PCB stands for Program Communication Block. PCB Mask is the second parameter used in the DL/I call. It is declared in the linkage section.

What is Gu call in IMS DB?

The Get Unique ( GU ) call is used to directly retrieve segments and to establish a starting position in the database for sequential processing. The Get Hold Unique ( GHU ) is the hold form for a GU call.

What is DBD in IMS?

In IMS systems that use DBD libraries, use the Database Description Generation (DBDGEN) utility to define a database so that it can be used by an application program. This utility might not be used in IMS systems that manage runtime application control blocks by using the catalog.

What is SSA in IMS?

Segment search arguments (SSAs) specify information for IMS to use in processing a DL/I call. Regardless of the datatype for the field specified in a SSA, the SSA treats the field as a binary type and does a binary comparison.

What is PCB Cobol?

PCB = Program Communication Block. This is used in IMS (database) to define a logical database record.

What is alternate PCB in IMS?

The alternate PCB describes a destination other than the source of the current input message. This statement instruction allows the application program to send output messages to a destination other than the source of an input message.