What is trisulfide?

What is trisulfide?

Definition of trisulfide : a compound of an element or radical with three atoms of sulfur.

Where can dimethyl Trisulfide be found?

Dimethyl trisulfide has been found in volatiles emitted from cooked onion, leek and other Allium species, from broccoli and cabbage, as well as from Limburger cheese, and is involved in the unpalatable aroma of aged beer and stale Japanese sake.

What is dimethyl sulfide solubility in water?

Dimethyl sulfide

Viscosity temperature °C 25
Surface tension at 20°C mN m−1 26.50
Solubility in water at 20°C mg kg−1 6000
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10−4 °C−1 (K−1) 14.20

What is dimethyl disulfide used for?

Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) is the most commonly used chemical for sulfiding hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts. These hydroprocessing catalysts contain metal oxides that must be converted to the active metal sulfide before they will promote desulfurization and denitrification reactions on hydrocarbon feeds.

What is the formula for Diphosphorus Trisulfide?

Diphosphorus trisulfide (sometimes called phosphorus trisulfide) is a phosphorus sulfide with the formula of P2S3….Diphosphorus trisulfide.

Chemical formula P2S3
Molar mass 158.13 g·mol−1

What is the molar mass of as2s3?

246.04 g/molArsenic trisulfide / Molar mass

What is the density of DMSO?

1.1 g/cm³Dimethyl sulfoxide / Density

Why does dimethyl disulfide smell like garlic?

DMDS has a sulfurous odor similar to that of garlic and decaying fish. Because of the distinctive odor of sulfur compounds, similar to DMDS, they are often added to natural gas and propane to warn of leaks and protect people.

How is dimethyl disulfide produced?

DMDS can be produced by the oxidation of methanethiol, e.g. with iodine: 2 CH3SH + I2 → CH3SSCH3 + 2 HI.

What is the name of ps3 chemistry?

CID 15820317

PubChem CID 15820317
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula PS3-
Synonyms 94287-53-3 DTXSID30578601 PUBCHEM_15820317
Molecular Weight 127.2