How much is a Kel-Tec 32 automatic?

How much is a Kel-Tec 32 automatic?

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Price $319.99
Action Pistol
Capacity 7+1
Barrel Length 2.68in
Finish Matte Blued

Is 32 ACP any good?

32 ACP is no exception. While it’s fallen out of favor in recent years, even in a pocket pistol role, . 32 ACP offers a clear benefit in reduced recoil (allowing quicker and more accurate shooting) over the more popular . 380 ACP while the reduction in ballistic effectiveness is minimal.

Is the Kel-Tec P32 reliable?

The P32 proved surprisingly pleasant to shoot. I was able to fire groups in the 2.5-inch range thanks to the reasonably light trigger pull and despite the minuscule sights. Reliability was flawless and I was highly impressed. I’ve been carrying the P32 as a backup gun in a TUFF Products Size 12 Jr.

What caliber is a Kel-Tec P32?

.32 Auto cartridge
Simple / Reliable / Manageable The small grip size and light recoil also make it ideal for shooters of small stature. The P32 is a semi-automatic pistol chambered for the . 32 Auto cartridge. With an easy, smooth trigger pull and 7+1 capacity it’s perfect for a variety of carry situations.

Is the Kel Tec p32 still made?

32 ACP. It was designed by George Kellgren. It is manufactured by Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc., of Cocoa, Florida and was designed for concealed carry by citizens and by law enforcement officers as a back-up gun….

Kel-Tec P-32
Produced 1999–present
Mass 6.6 oz (190 g) unloaded.
Length 5.07 inches (129 mm)

Is a 32 A good self defense gun?

32 ACP guns are considered too small for ‘proper’ self defense by some people. Many personal-defense professionals suggest that the 9 mm is the minimum caliber, while some will concede to using . 380 ACP for a deep cover or pocket pistol.

Is 32 ACP still made?

32 ACP guns regularly found on the market today. Some of these you may have to source used, but most of them are still in production.

Who makes a 32 caliber revolver?

32 H&R Magnum include Dan Wesson Firearms, Charter Arms (professional 7 round revolver), Freedom Arms, Smith & Wesson (J and K frames), Ruger (Blackhawk, Single-Six, GP100, SP101, Ruger LCR and LCRx), and Taurus and New England Firearms (NEF).