Is Matt Hardy face or heel?

Is Matt Hardy face or heel?

2 Matt Hardy Matt Hardy introducing his Broken character to the wrestling world came as a heel in TNA. The Broken gimmick was originally meant to get him heat during his rivalry against his face brother Jeff Hardy. Fans started to enjoy the cinematic presentation and that forced the face turn.

Did Matt Hardy turn face?

When he was finally able to return to the ring, he was back on Smackdown and made a surprising face turn when he saved his brother Jeff from a CM Punk led assault. Matt would aid his brother in his feud with CM Punk, and apparently, all his sins were simply forgiven because of a simple apology.

What is Jeff Hardy gimmick?

The Willow the Whisp gimmick of Jeff started before his fame in OMEGA and became part of his TNA tenure. Hardy delivered some fun moments with the mask and mysterious character, but WWE never showed interest in utilizing it.

Who is older Matt or Jeff Hardy?

Early life. Hardy was born in Cameron, North Carolina, the son of Gilbert and Ruby Moore Hardy. He is the older brother of Jeff Hardy.

Is Kenny Omega heel or face?

2 The Young Bucks While most wrestlers turn heel out of anger, The Young Bucks did so out of an almost tragic sense of loyalty. They were already tag team champions, so their turn wasn’t done for the sake of winning gold. Rather, they turned heel by choosing to stand by Kenny Omega’s side as they have since 2015.

Is Matt and Jeff Hardy real brothers?

The Hardys, also known as The Hardy Boyz, are an American professional wrestling tag team consisting of real-life brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy, who are currently appearing in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Who is Matt Hardy wife?

Reby SkyMatt Hardy / Wife (m. 2013)

Why Jeff Hardy is the best?

Jeff Hardy is a beloved professional wrestler who has always been popular with wrestling fans. He is a natural babyface that has connected with an audience unlike anybody else. His daredevil style has also put him over as a great star, with his work always being enjoyable inside the ring.

Who is the AAA Mega champion?

El Hijo del Vikingo
El Hijo del Vikingo is the current champion in his first reign. He won the vacant title after defeating Samuray del Sol, Jay Lethal, Bobby Fish, and Bandido in a Five-way match on at Triplemanía Regia II in Monterrey, Mexico on December 4, 2021.