What is session array?

What is session array?

We need a session array to retain the data in different pages. Session arrays are like session variables which maintain a unique link between user’s web page and the server. You can read more on session management here. Related Tutorial PHP Session PHP Cookies. Let us start with declaring a session array.

What is session in CodeIgniter?

The Session class permits you maintain a user’s “state” and track their activity while they browse your site. CodeIgniter comes with a few session storage drivers: files (default; file-system based) database.

How can use session variable in CodeIgniter?

Add Session Data The same thing can be done in CodeIgniter as shown below. $this->session->set_userdata(‘some_name’, ‘some_value’); set_userdata() function takes two arguments. The first argument, some_name, is the name of the session variable, under which, some_value will be stored.

How can store session value in database in CodeIgniter?

Once you have created your database table you can enable the database option in your config. php file as follows: $config[‘sess_use_database’] = TRUE; Once enabled, the Session class will store session data in the DB.

How do you create a session array?

Yes, you can put arrays in sessions, example:

  1. $_SESSION[‘name_here’] = $your_array;
  2. session_start(); $_SESSION[‘name_here’] = $your_array;
  3. session_start(); $_SESSION[‘name_here’] = $_POST;
  4. echo $_SESSION[‘name_here’][‘field_name’];
  5. $_SESSION[‘name_here’] = $your_array;

What is hooks in CodeIgniter?

In CodeIgniter, hooks are events which can be called before and after the execution of a program. It allows executing a script with specific path in the CodeIgniter execution process without modifying the core files.

How check session expired in CodeIgniter?

Simply store the last_visited timestamp as a session variable. Next time when the user visits, check for difference in current timestamp against the one in session. If it is more than 5 minutes, sign out user.