Can I watch Xfinity Cable online?

Can I watch Xfinity Cable online?

With the Xfinity Stream portal (, you can watch Xfinity On Demand content on your computer while connected to any internet connection. Note: Select On Demand content can only be streamed while connected to your in-home Xfinity network.

Is Xfinity Stream free for Xfinity customers?

The Xfinity Stream app is free to Xfinity (both TV and internet-only) customers. To get the most entertainment options you will need to have a TV plan.

How do I log into my Xfinity Stream?

First-Time Sign-In Process (Apple Screenshots)

  1. Download the Xfinity Stream app from the iTunes App Store, Google Play or the Amazon App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Enter your Xfinity ID and password and tap Sign In.
  3. Tap the Yes box to accept the Terms of Activation and proceed (if applicable).

How can I watch TV through the Internet?

Google provides digital content through Google Play. On Google Play, you’ll find a Movies and TV section where you can buy and stream both movies and TV episodes to your Android (and other Google) devices.

Can I use my Xfinity account anywhere?

Access to Over 8,000,000 WiFi Hotspots Nationwide Internet customers can stay connected with access to over 8,000,000+ hotspot locations around the country. To enjoy the benefits of Xfinity WiFi, use your WiFi device to search for “Xfinity WiFi” or “Cable WiFi®” in your list of available networks.

How do I connect to Xfinity away from home?

Connect to XFINITY Away from Home

  1. Click on the windows icon.
  2. Click on Network & Internet in the Settings menu.
  3. Click on Wi-Fi to see the list of available networks (SSIDs).
  4. Select XFINITY from the list of available networks and click Connect.
  5. Enter your Xfinity ID and password and click OK.
  6. Click on Connect.

Can I use my Xfinity account at another location?

Yes. If you let us know the dates that you wish to activate service at your new address and maintain service at your old address, you can have service at each.

How much does Xfinity Stream cost?

Like internet-based TV services including Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, Comcast’s Xfinity Instant TV offers numerous tiers of channel packages. Aside from the $18 base subscription, you can add CNBC, CNN, ESPN, Fox News, and MSNBC for an additional $30 per month. That’s known as the “sports and news” add-on.

Can I watch my Xfinity on my phone?

Use the Xfinity Stream app to watch your favorite shows and movies. On any device, anywhere.

Why can’t I stream Xfinity on my laptop?

If Xfinity Stream is not Working on Chrome, clearing the browser’s cache and enabling Flash extension on Chrome does the trick. If Xfinity Stream is still not working, restart your computer and try using ethernet cables to connect your device to the internet.