Is Billy Joe Saunders done boxing?

Is Billy Joe Saunders done boxing?

Billy Joe Saunders has stated that he is currently missing boxing. The former two-weight world champion suffered his first pro defeat to Canelo Alvarez back in May and has not been in the ring since. In the wake of this loss, Saunders told talkSPORT that he was considering retiring from the sport.

Is Saunders a gypsy?

31-year-old Saunders is a Britisher and comes from the gypsy community. He has grown up near Hatfield in Hertfordshire and has been boxing since childhood. Most of his brothers and father have had boxing lessons, and Saunders rightly belongs to a boxing family.

How much did Canelo get paid for the Billy Joe Saunders fight?

Canelo earned an estimated $35 million for beating Billy Joe Saunders in his last fight.

Has Billy Joe Saunders lost a fight?

By Scott Gilfoid: Billy Joe Saunders admits that Canelo Alvarez was the better man last May when he stopped him after he suffered an eye injury in the 8th round and had to be pulled out of the fight.

Is Canelo retiring from boxing?

Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez has made it clear that he has no plans to retire from boxing anytime soon. But, the current undisputed 168-pound champion has set a rough timetable on when he plans to hang up his gloves. “I don’t see myself out of boxing,” Alvarez said on the Boxing with Chris Mannix podcast.

Are Travellers good fighters?

English travellers fight nothing like this. They typically do all they can to avoid taking a terrible amount of punishment, and are not known for their concussive punching. Instead, they are technically adept and defensively brilliant. So brilliant, they have a habit of making opponents look foolish.

Is Eddy Reynoso related to Canelo?

Eddy Reynoso – alongside Chepo, his father – have trained Canelo Alvarez since he turned professional at the age of 15. Eddy is the head trainer and also the manager of Canelo.

Why do Travellers fight?

In the Traveller community, bare-knuckle boxing is seen as a way to resolve disputes and uphold family honour, as shown in the 2011 documentary Knuckle. This can lead to injuries, notably “fight bite” where, when punching an opponent, a tooth may cut the hand and bacteria in the opponent’s mouth may infect the wound.