What is a rowset in PeopleSoft?

What is a rowset in PeopleSoft?

In an Application Engine program, a rowset object is the equivalent of a record object that contains one row and a single record, that is, the State Record. PeopleSoft suggests using the Record object instead of a rowset object to obtain access to the State Record.

What is Meta SQL in PeopleSoft?

Meta-SQL is a great way to abstract SQL logic and ensure consistency in your SQL definitions. It isn’t just for database platform independence, it is actually a better way to write SQL for PeopleSoft.

What is the use of state record in PeopleSoft?

State records are used in Application Engine programs to keep track of useful information through the life of a program. PeopleSoft uses the concept of a record (table) to store this information.

How do you populate a grid in PeopleSoft?

The grid is placed on level 1 of a secondary page and is populated using Peoplecode written in the Activate event of the secondary page. We use the SQL object &VCHRS_GRD_SQL to fetch some Voucher IDs and Vendor IDs from the database and populate the grid with these values.

What is %CurrentDateIn?

Per PeopleBooks: “The %CurrentDateIn meta-SQL variable expands to a platform-specific SQL substring representing the current date in the Where clause of a SQL Select or Update statement, or when the current date is passed in an Insert statement.” You don’t set it. It sets itself, and always to the current date.

How do you fetch values from state records in Peoplesoft?

You can access values from the state record seamlessly. If you are accessing values from the default state record, you can simply use the fieldname. When accessing values from other state records, you need to use the dot (.) notation (recordname.

Is state record mandatory in application engine?

You cannot save an app engine without process instance/state record.

How do I delete a row from the grid in Peoplesoft?

If you are using PeopleCode to populate the data then there should be a loop that will populate the gird data fields. You can use the InsertRow() and DeleteRow() on the gird to control the rows that are being inserted or deleted.

Is PeopleCode object-oriented?

PeopleCode is a proprietary object-oriented programming language used to express business logic for PeopleSoft applications. Syntactically, PeopleCode is similar to other programming languages, and can be found in both loosely-typed and strongly-typed forms.

Is PeopleCode similar to Java?

Dot notation, classes, and methods in PeopleCode are similar to other object-oriented languages, like Java.

How do I get Sysdate in PeopleCode?

}PeopleCode. select to_char(sysdate,’dd’) from dual; should get you the day.