Is GetGo account same with Cebu Pacific?

Is GetGo account same with Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific GetGo is now Go Rewards. With this migration, GetGo points earned BEFORE January 1, 2020, are converted into Cebu Pacific Travel Fund. This virtual wallet may be used to purchase new flights and add-ons (and even taxes and fees) on the CEB website.

What is Cebu Pacific get go?

Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ leading airline, announces that its loyalty program GetGo is now Go Rewards, the lifestyle and rewards program of the Gokongwei group. This gives everyJuan more ways to enjoy deals and benefits from its many partner brands.

How do I register for GetGo in Cebu Pacific?

✅ Go to www. and click “Sign up”. ✅ You’ll receive a confirmation link in your email. Verify it to activate your account.

How do I find my GetGo account?

GetGo – The Lifestyle Rewards Program. Existing GetGo members can activate their Go Rewards account today! Please check your email to view your GetGo account number, then download Go Rewards to link your card to the app.

How can I get GetGo card?

To apply for a CEB GetGo Prepaid Card:

  1. Buy the CEB GetGo Prepaid Card from Family Mart, Robinsons Business Centers, Unionbank branches, or Cebu Pacific ticketing offices for P150.
  2. Download the GetGo Pay mobile app.
  3. Fill in your details and register card.
  4. Load up, shop, and start earning GetGo Points.

How do I activate my GetGo card?


  1. Via UnionBank Online App.
  2. Via UnionBank Online Web.
  3. Via Talk to Rafa on Facebook Messenger.
  4. Call the Card Activation Hotline at (02) 8841-8600.

What is a GetGo card?

GetGo is a lifestyle rewards card program from Cebu Pacific Air. Now while other airlines limit you to getting miles or points for free flights, only out of air ticket purchases, GetGo gives you points even with your other purchases via Cebu Pacific and Cebgo.

What happen to GetGo?

What will happen to GetGo Pay? Starting October 18, 2021, GetGo Pay (the mobile app that manages your CEB GetGo Prepaid account) will be replaced by the new Pay feature in the improved Go Rewards App. Once migrated, you can still continue to use the GetGo Pay app until October 31, 2021.

How do I update my GetGo account?

How do I update my account information?

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Tap on Edit profile.
  3. Save your updated details.

What is GetGo debit card?

The debit card that earns Go Rewards points every time you spend- so you can buy what you need to get what you want.

How do I avail Go Rewards card?

  1. Get the app. Download the go Rewards app in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Huawei App Gallery.
  2. Sign up for free. Register and let the rewarding experience begin.
  3. Get rewarded! Enjoy the things you love. Earn and redeem points anytime, anywhere.

How much is GetGo annual fee?

Table Of Fees

Balance Requirement
Maintaining Balance Requirement (MBR) PHP 0
Minimum ADB to Earn Interest P10,000
Interest Rate 0.10 % (for accounts with ADB of P10,000 and above subject to withholding tax)
Annual Fee P500

How do I get a go Rewards card?

Can I still use my get go card?

Can I still use my CEB GetGo Prepaid Card? Yes, you can still use your CEB GetGo Prepaid Card until the date of card expiration. Starting October 18, 2021, your account can be migrated and managed in the Pay feature of the Go Rewards App.

Do GetGo points expire?

The GetGo points issued to you from January 1, 2020 to July 25, 2021, will be converted to their equivalent Go Rewards points balance on July 26, 2021. Redemption of points through Cebu Pacific and other partners will be until June 30, 2021, to give way to system transfer and preparations for the new program.

How much is get go annual fee?

There is a PHP500 annual fee as well as ATM fees, even at Union Bank ATMs, unusual for debit cards! The terms don’t list a foreign exchange fee, but I’d expect it to be the same 3% as the Union Bank GetGo Visa credit card!

How do I get a GetGo card?

There are TWO WAYS to APPLY:

  1. Apply first for GetGo membership in Cebu Pacific and then apply online in Unionbank website for GetGo debit card.
  2. Doing both processes under one go by applying online for the Unionbank GetGo debit card.

Is GetGo different from Go Rewards?

GetGo is now Go Rewards! Go Rewards offers its members even more ways to earn rewards through its partners like Cebu Pacific, Robinsons Retail stores,Caltex, and a growing roster of your favorite lifestyle brands.

What is GetGo number?

You can refer to the email advisory sent to registered email address or contact Get Go for assistance at (632)8714-3846 or [email protected]

How do I convert GetGo to go rewards?

To see your new Go Rewards points, merge your GetGo account with your existing GetGo membership, or download the free app via Play Store, App Store, or Huawei App Gallery. Simply follow these steps to merge your Get Go account with Go Rewards today: Under the “Home” tab, tap on “Merge Cards” on the dashboard.

How do I claim my GetGo?

Happy to help:

  1. go to Cebu GetGo Home Page (click here) and login with your email and password.
  2. Click on the menu MyPoints>Redeem (or here)
  3. No book as usual by entering your “From” and “To” cities and dates of travel.
  4. Complete the booking as usual and pay with your points from your account!
  5. Enjoy flight!