How do I register with Eepc?

How do I register with Eepc?

Otherwise, you will have to register on DGFT portal: as Importer/Exporter to access the Common Digital Platform….EEPC India Bank Accounts details :

  1. Name of the Bank: HDFC BANK LIMITED.
  2. A/c No.
  3. RTGS/NEFT CODE: HDFC 0000014.
  4. Name of the Beneficiary : EEPC INDIA,
  5. A/c name: EEPC INDIA.

Why Eepc registration is required?

FTP benefit: The Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) issued by EEPC India is mandatory for availing some export benefits under Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) for the engineering products. Virtual Trade Fairs: Members are offered discounted rates for promoting their expertise in the virtual platform.

What is EEPC India?

EEPC India is the trade and investment promotion organization for the engineering sector that sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Set up in 1955, EEPC India now has a membership base of over 12,000 out of whom 60% are SMEs.

What is panel Eepc?

The Council has set up different Product Panels keeping in view the highly diverse nature of the engineering sector. Each of these panels make concentrated effort to reach out its products & services to the global MARKET.

How do I apply online for Rcmc?

Step 1 Sign-up through the APEDA Website. (Click on “Register as Member” link on the Home Page). ”. Step 2 The exporter requires to first enter the basic detail, IE CODE, Email ID & Mobile number and submit. Step 3 An OTP (One Time Password) for confirming the details will be sent on E- mail and Mobile number.

How do I register with Rcmc?

Documents Required

  1. Duly filled and signed Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate application form.
  2. Self-certified copy of the IEC Number that is issued by the concerned regional licensing authority.
  3. Self-certified copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) which is granted by the competent authority.

How can I download Eepc certificate?


  1. Application Form for Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)
  2. Affiliate Membership Application Form.
  3. Application Form for establishing link on Council’s website.
  4. Monthly Exports Returns.
  5. Duty Drawback Rates 2014-15.
  6. DEPB Rates.
  7. Strategy Paper for Growth of Engineering Exports (2014 – 2019)

Can we export without Rcmc?

As per the Foreign Trade Policy, an exporter is required to get a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) for availing various benefits under the Policy.

What is Rcmc application?

RCMC (REGISTRATION-CUM-MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE) According to the Foreign Trade Policy, a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) is required for exporters in order to avail benefits under the policy. Holding the certificate can also help exporters in availing benefits with respect to Customs and Excise.

Is Rcmc registration mandatory?

The commerce ministry has made it mandatory for exporters to file registration-cum-membership certificate (RCMC) applications through a common digital portal, a move aimed at promoting ease of doing business for the trading community.

How can I apply for Rcmc online?

How can I get country of origin Certificate in India?

For obtaining Certificate of Origin from Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on regular basis, exporters are required to furnish ICC a permanent indemnity bond on a Non-judicial stamp paper of Rs 10/- only, duly notarized (format for Indemnity Bond is available with the Certificate of Origin Dept).