Who was the original voice of Marge Simpson?

Who was the original voice of Marge Simpson?

Julie KavnerMarge Simpson / Voiced byJulie Deborah Kavner is an American actress and comedian. Best known for her voice role as Marge Simpson on the animated television series The Simpsons, Kavner first attracted notice for her role as Wikipedia

Who was Marge Simpson based on?

Margaret Groening
The inspiration for Marge Simpson, from the animated series The Simpsons, died April 22. Margaret Groening, the mother of Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening, was 94. “Margaret Groening died peacefully in her sleep on April 22, 2013, in Portland.”

Why does Marge have a raspy voice?

Marge is known for her raspy voice which sounds a lot like the real-life voice of Julie Kavner. The award-winning voice actor revealed that her voice is a result of a bump on her vocal cords. In a family full of wild members, Marge has always been the voice of reason.

Who plays Marge Simpson 2021?

Julie Kavner
Emmy Award winner Julie Kavner is the voice of “Marge Simpson” and her sisters, “Patty” and “Selma,” on THE SIMPSONS.

Why did Dr Hibbert’s voice change?

Dr Hibbert’s character who was earlier voiced by Harry Shearer is now replaced by someone else. This decision comes after the producers of the show announced that they would no longer use white voice actors to voice non-white roles.

Has Marge Simpson got a new voice?

When the never-ending animated show kicks off its 33rd season on September 26, it will do so with a musical episode featuring Frozen, Veronica Mars and The Good Place actress Kristen Bell as the singing voice of Marge Simpson. Julie Kavner has long voiced Marge, and she even sang in earlier episodes.

Did Marge get a new voice?

As of “Marge The Lumberjill,” Grey DeLisle-Griffin has taken on the voice acting duties of Taylor’s iconic Simpsons (which are now technically also Disney) characters. Executive producer Al Jean made the announcement on Twitter, in an effort to get DeLisle-Griffin a warm welcome from The Simpsons’ fanbase.

What is Marge short for?

Marge is a feminine given name, a shortened form of Marjorie, Margot or Margaret.