How many species of teleost fish are there?

How many species of teleost fish are there?

30,000 species
The teleosts comprise some 30,000 species (about equal to all other vertebrate groups combined), with new species being discovered each year.

Is teleost a family?

Teleosts are arranged into about 40 orders and 448 families….Teleost.

Teleost Temporal range:
Class: Actinopterygii
Subclass: Neopterygii
Infraclass: Teleostei J. P. Müller, 1845

Is Catfish a teleost?

Catfish (order Siluriformes) is one of the largest orders of teleosts containing ∼4100 species, representing ∼12% of all teleosts and ∼6.3% of all vertebrates (Eschmeyer and Fong, 2014; Wilson and Reeder, 2005).

Is catfish a teleost?

Is a sturgeon a teleost?

Sturgeons, paddlefishes, and bichirs are bony, ray-finned fishes (i.e., members of the class Osteichthyes, subclass Actinopterygii), but are members of the infraclass Chondrostei and are therefore not part of the same group as the more numerous and familiar teleosts.

Are paddlefish and sturgeon related?

The American paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) is a species of basal ray-finned fish. It is the only living species in the paddlefish family, Polyodontidae. This family is most closely related to the sturgeons; together they make up the order Acipenseriformes.

What are the 27 species of sturgeon?

Genus: Acipenser | Species: Acipenser naccarii (Adriatic), Acipenser schrenckii (Amur / aka Japanese {Acipenser multiscutatus}), Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus (Atlantic), Acipenser sinensis (Chinese), Acipenser sturio (Common), Acipenser nudiventris (Fringebarbel), Acipenser medirostris (Green), Acipenser oxyrinchus …

Are gar and sturgeon related?

But at this juncture some are members of the Sub-class Chondrostei (sturgeon), while others are also in the Sub-class Neopterygii (flounder, gar, pike). These fish are most closely related to the true bony fishes, and are very similar, but they are much older in an evolutionary sense.

Are paddlefish related to catfish?

They are not related to catfish. There are only two known species of paddlefish.

What are all types of sturgeon?

Greater sturgeonsKalugaBester
Sturgeons/Lower classifications

How many varieties of sturgeon are there?

Introduction to different species of sturgeon. There are currently 2 families of sturgeon known to to be in existence today, acipenseridae and polyodontidae, which comprise a total of six genera and 28 species alive today.

Are pike and sturgeon related?

Are alligator gar related to Pike?

Gars are sometimes referred to as “garpike”, but are not closely related to pike, which are in the fish family Esocidae.

Is a paddlefish the same as a gar?

Members of the primitive Polyodontidae family of bony fish, paddlefish are distant relatives of sturgeon, whose closest living relatives are gar (see) and bowfin. They are large, slow-maturing, and long-lived freshwater fish of large inland rivers.

What other fish are related to sturgeon?

The sturgeons are related to the paddlefish (family Polyodontidae) in the order Acipenseriformes. Fossils of sturgeons first appear in rocks dating to the Middle Jurassic (about 174 million to 163.5 million years ago).

Are barracuda and pike related?

Barracudas known as sea Pikes, mainly due to its elongated Pike-like appearance (minus the teeth), are in-fact not related to the Pike in any way.

Are Northern Pikes and barracuda related?

Any diver who has seen this toothy creature hunt down a fish will testify that it is one fearsome hunter. Barracudas known as sea Pikes, mainly due to its elongated Pike-like appearance (minus the teeth), are in-fact not related to the Pike in any way.

Are spoonbill in the catfish family?

Are catfish and sturgeon related?

No. Although sturgeon and catfish can be found in the same habitats and they both have barbels (whiskerlike growths extending from the jaw), they are not closely related. Sturgeon are much more primitive than catfish.

Are sturgeon and pike related?

Are alligator gar related to pike?

Are pike and gar related?