Is 2009 F-250 reliable?

Is 2009 F-250 reliable?

When it comes to reliability, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. J.D. Power gave the 2009 Ford F-250 a ‘Great’ quality and reliability rating. Consumer Reports, on the other hand, consumer reports didn’t give the 2009 model an overall reliability rating but did give the 2008 model a 1 out of 5 overall reliability rating.

What is the difference between XL and XLT in Ford F-250?

It has the same standard and available mechanical options as the XL. The XLT gains a power tailgate and the BoxLink cargo management system as part of its standard equipment. While the XL had a black grille, the XLT shows-off a chrome one instead. This is the first trim level that offers a power moonroof.

What engine is in a 2009 Ford F250?

5.4 L V8
6.4 L V8 diesel6.8 L V10
2009 Ford F-250/Engine

In what year of Ford F-250 is the death wobble?

Ford Death Wobble F250 Class Action Lawsuit Filed in 2019 In 2019, a Ford death wobble F250 class action lawsuit was filed against Ford Motor Company. The lawsuit also includes F350 trucks and is for F250/F350 model years 2005 through 2019.

Is the 6.4 Ford diesel any good?

Ford 6.4 diesel engines make a solid 350hp and 650tq from the factory. Respectable numbers for the era the 6.4 Powerstroke was released. Some also consider the 6.4L a reliability improvement over the previous 6.0 diesel engine from Ford. However, no engine is perfect and there aren’t any exceptions here.

What issues do 6.4 Powerstrokes have?

13 Common 6.4L Powerstroke Problems

  • Oil Dilution.
  • Leaking Radiator.
  • Poor Fuel Economy.
  • Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Clogged Engine Oil Cooler.
  • EGR System Failure.
  • Cracked Pistons.
  • Cracked Up-Pipes.

What is the Ford f250 XLT package?

F-250 XLT Trim Some comfort and convenience features include power-adjustable heated mirrors, cloth upholstery, power windows, and cruise control. FordPass Connect is standard with 4G WiFi modem and SYNC 3, with a 7-speaker sound system.

What is the Ford XLT package?

XLT: The XLT trim level includes chrome bumpers and a grille. It also comes with automatic on/off headlamps and rain lamp wiper activation. As with the STX package, the F-250 also includes 18-inch cast-aluminum wheels.

How many miles will a Ford f250 6.4 diesel last?

Consumer Reports projects these trucks may only travel between 65,000 and 119,000 miles before needing major repairs. You can’t win ’em all, even when you’re one of the world’s largest automakers.

Can Ford 6.4 Be made reliable?