Who played best role of Krishna?

Who played best role of Krishna?

Nitish Bharadwaj is one of the most popular faces who portrayed the role of Lord Krishna onscreen. His character in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat became so iconic that many fans actually started associating his face with that of Lord Krishna.

Who is play Krishna role in Shree Krishna?

05/8​​”Have got so much creative satisfaction” Actor Ssudeep Sahir, currently playing Lord Krishna on Paramavatar Shri Krishna, says that even though he was quite apprehensive of playing a mythological character, it was worth the risk.

Who is the actor of Krishna?

Ghattamaneni Siva Rama Krishna Murthy (born 31 May 1943), known mononymously as Krishna, is an Indian actor, director and producer known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema….Krishna (Telugu actor)

Spouse(s) Indira Devi Vijaya Nirmala ​ (died 2019)​
Children 5, including Ramesh Babu, Mahesh Babu, Manjula

What is Krishna real name?

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is considered as the incarnation of Krishna in Gaudiya Vaishnavism and by the ISKCON community.

Who played best role of Arjun?

Arjun Firoz Khan is an Indian actor, best known for playing the character of warrior prince Arjuna in B. R. Chopra’s epic television series Mahabharat.

What is the age of sumedh?

25 years (November 2, 1996)Sumedh Mudgalkar / Age

What is the name of Krishna in Mahabharat?

Within the Indian epic Mahabharata, Krishna was the son of the Yadava chief Vasudeva and his mother was Devaki. Hence he was known as Vāsudeva-Krishna or Vāsudeva.

Is Krishna male or female?

In Hinduism, god is sometimes visualized as a male god such as Krishna (left), or goddess such as Lakshmi (middle), bigender such as Ardhanarishvara (a composite of Shiva – male – and Parvati – female) (right), or as formless and genderless Brahman (Universal Absolute, Supreme Self as Oneness in everyone).