What are standard timber sizes?

What are standard timber sizes?

Timber is sold in various lengths that are multiples of 30cm (apx a foot). Most common are 1.8m, 2.4m & 3m (apx 6′, 8′ & 10′). Several longer sizes are also sold.

What are standard timber sizes in South Africa?

SA Pine structural and Industrial graded timber, SABS / SATAS approved. Structural Pine S5 is available in the following dimensions, thickness’s 38mm, 50mm, 76mm and widths 38mm, 50mm, 76mm, 114mm, 152mm, 228mm, lengths from 3.0m up to and including 6.6m untreated and CCA treated (H2 and / or H3).

What is difference between C16 and C24 timber?

C24 timber is the superior cousin of C16. This grade is also kiln dried and used in construction products. It is more superior in terms of its properties such as strength, resilience and appearance with very few defects if any. C24 timber costs slightly more than C16.

What is 4×2 timber used for?

4×2 treated timber (47 x 100mm) undergoes a preservative process of drying, treating and drying again, which makes it water resistant and can be used in building sheds, decking frames and other indoor or outdoor projects.

What is S5 pine?

Description. The S5 grade indicates that it complies with a certain stress grade, which is related to specific strengths. These commodities are also available in rough sawn sizes. The rejects from the above grades are called “Utility”, which is graded according to in-house specifications.

What is S5 structural pine?

Our structural pine graded as S5 means it is SABS approved to be used for construction uses like roof trusses, roof support and beams and for building framework used over windows and doors. S5 structural pine for structures is one of the strongest and top-graded pine you can get.

Can C16 be used for joists?

C16 timber is kiln dried, to minimise the amount of moisture within the wood, and is most commonly used in internal construction projects such as walls, floor and roof joists.

Can C24 timber be used outside?

C24 is often referred to as structural grade timber so it is one of the strongest gradings available to buy before you get into the realm of specialised timber products. Stronger than C16 timber, it can handle heavier loads which makes it an ideal choice for decking subframes and timber frame construction.

Can I use C16 timber for stud wall?

C16 graded structural timber perfect for use in stud wall timber partitions and many other framing projects. Planed surfaces with eased corners to provide a precision finish.

Is C16 timber OK for floor joists?