What is the shelf means?

What is the shelf means?

Definition of shelf 1a : a thin flat usually long and narrow piece of material (such as wood) fastened horizontally (as on a wall) at a distance from the floor to hold objects. b : one of several similar pieces in a closet, bookcase, or similar structure. c : the contents of a shelf the author of a shelf of best …

What is the root word for shelves?

late 14c., from Middle Low German schelf “shelf, set of shelves,” or from Old English cognate scylfe, which perhaps meant “shelf, ledge, floor,” and scylf “peak, pinnacle,” from Proto-Germanic *skelf- “split,” possibly from the notion of a split piece of wood (compare Old Norse skjölf “bench”), from PIE root *skel- (1) …

What do we say dustbin in French?


From To Via
• dustbin → poubelle ↔ vuilnisbak
• dustbin → poubelle ↔ vuilbak
• dustbin → seau à ordures ↔ prullenbak
• dustbin → seau à ordures ↔ afvalbak

What noun is shelf?

A flat, rigid, rectangular structure, fixed at right angles to a wall, and used to support, store or display objects. The capacity of such an object; as, a shelf of videos. A projecting ledge that resembles such an object. A reef, shoal or sandbar.

What is shelf in Maya?

The Shelf is a convenient way to access commands and tools in the form of a clickable button (similar to, say, the toolbars in Microsoft Word). As you can see, the Shelf is actually a number of different “shelves”, categorized by each tab (this screenshot has the Polygons tab selected).

What is Almirah called in French?

[ˈwɔːʳdrəʊb ] 1. (= cupboard) armoire f. 2. (= clothes) garde-robe f.

What is the meaning of blackboard in French?

tableau noir. More French words for blackboard. le tableau noir noun. blackboard.

Is it spelled shelf or shelve?

Shelf is always a noun, and shelve is always a verb. When you shelve something, you put it on a shelf. The main definitions of the noun are (1) a horizontal surface supported by a vertical structure and used to store things, (2) a layer of ice or bedrock, and (3) something that resembles a shelf.

Which is correct shelves or shelf?

Shelf is a noun. It is a horizontal surface upon which things can be placed. The plural form of shelf is shelves; multiple shelves might be collectively called shelving. A bookshelf is a structure that has several shelves arranged vertically to maximize storage space in a small footprint.

What is the synonym of shelf?

ledge, bracket, sill, rack. bookshelf, mantelshelf, mantelpiece. shelving.

What does shelves mean in business?

A shelf company is a company that is already registered but has never traded or conducted business and holds no assets or liabilities.

Where is shelf located in Maya?

The shelves are located in the default installation path on Maya. Which in this case will be Documents> Maya> 2014> Preferences and then Shelves, there’s our shelf F1. There may be a time when we want to delete a shelf completely.