Can you build a conservatory over an inspection chamber?

Can you build a conservatory over an inspection chamber?

Unfortunately, you cannot build your conservatory over a manhole using conventional concrete foundations since manholes need to be accessible by the Water Authority.

Are you allowed to build over a manhole?

Thames Water owns and is required to maintain and have access to the pipes as long as they are connected to their network of sewers. To build over or near their sewers you then require their agreement in writing, which must be passed on when the property is sold.

Can you build a conservatory over a private drain?

Luckily, gaining consent for building over a drain is something they have an official process for as it happens so often. It simply asks you to apply for your build-over agreement online, where you might be asked to submit your extension plans so they can accurately judge whether it’s viable.

Do you need a build over agreement for a conservatory?

If the conservatory was constructed more recently without a build over agreement then the same sanctions and same solutions are available. It is worth noting that if the conservatory required building regulations approval, then the building inspector may require to see a build over agreement before signing off works.

What happens if no build over agreement?

If no Build Over Agreement was entered into then the seller should have a CCTV survey of the sewer carried out and forward the footage to the Water Company. If the Water Company is satisfied the sewer is in good condition, they will issue a comfort letter confirming the sewer is in satisfactory condition.

Can you build extension over drain?

You may find that it’s possible to move the drains for an extension, or build an extension over the drains, but these adaptations would be done at your cost. Depending on your situation, it may make more sense to change your extension so that it’s more than three meters from the sewer.

What happens if you don’t get a build over agreement?

Without a build over agreement, your local council’s building control department might not sign off your Building Regulations completion certificate – and without this, you may have problems when trying to sell your property.

When did build over agreement come into force?

From October 2011 a law was passed that stated that all pre existing private sewers and all newly built sewers were to be automatically adopted by the water authority in the area where they are situated.

How much does a build over agreement cost?

How much does the application cost? A self-certified build over agreement is free but can only be applied for if you’re building over or near a domestic sewer up to 160mm in diameter, You’ll also need to meet all of our criteria, explained on page 5.

What happens if I don’t get a build over agreement?

Who is responsible for a build over agreement?

A Build Over Agreement is one with the water authority that sets out if you were undertaking work over or within 3 metres of a public sewer it will not negatively affect that sewer below and it also ensures that the water authority have sufficient access to the sewer so it can be repaired and maintained in the future.

Can an extension be built over a drain?

Is a conservatory exempt from building regulations?

Fortunately, conservatories are exempt from building regulations most of the time. As long as you meet the following criteria, you will be fine: A minimum of 50% of the new wall, and 75% of the roof, is glazed or uses translucent material. External doors and windows must separate the conservatory from the rest of the house.

Do you need Building Regulations approval for a porch conservatory?

Note – You will need building regulation approval in order to form a new structural opening between the conservatory and the rest of the home. Contact your local building control department. Porch building regulations work in the same way as those for a conservatory – so there is nothing additional you need to be aware of here.

What do I need to know about building a conservatory?

Doors and windows must adhere to current U Values (all glazing provided by Conservatory Land IS). Also, in order to meet British Standard 6206, glazing in doors and windows needs to be strengthened or laminated safety glass. If you follow these regulations, then you shouldn’t run into any problems when building your conservatory.

Can you build a conservatory over a manhole?

Also, internal systems such as manholes have an increased risk of flooding, therefore building over one would never be advised. Instead, you could look to relocate your manhole, if it is affecting your conservatory build plans.