Does Youth of May have sad ending?

Does Youth of May have sad ending?

Youth of May bows out with a poignant and sad ending, one that gives a bittersweet resolution to our story while also allowing the tragedy and the horrors of the Gwangju Uprising to hang heavy over this drama.

Who is rain married to?

Kim Tae-heeJeong Ji-hoon / Spouse (m. 2017)Kim Tae-hee is a South Korean actress. Considered one of South Korea’s most beautiful women, she is best known for her roles in Korean dramas such as Stairway to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard, Iris, My Princess, Yong-pal and Hi Bye, Mama!. Wikipedia

Who is the skeleton in Youth of May?

Hee-tae is visited by Myung-soo (aw, who still calls him “Hyung”) and hears that they finally found Myung-hee. Confirming that the mystery skeleton is, in fact, our heroine. Hee-tae visits the police station to pick up the belongings, and he stops at the sight of the homeless man.

What happened Myung-Hee?

One of the tragic victims of the Uprising is Myung-Hee, who dies protecting her brother from a fatal bullet. Her selfless act serves as one final act of bravery from a woman who has done everything to protect others throughout the season.

Is Snowdrop same as Youth of May?

Two new projects set in the same era are receiving two different responses. These two projects are JTBC’s Snowdrop and KBS’s Youth of May that tells the love story of the 1980s.

Who killed Myung Hee?

At the ending of the drama, Kim Myung Hee died by a gunshot wound from the martial law army. Afterwards, the drama portrayed the lives of Hwang Hee Tae, who loved Kim Myung Hee, and the people around them 40 years later, living with Kim Myung Hee in their hearts.

Is Snowdrop a flop?

So Snowdrop ended yesterday with the second highest ratings of its run and Blinks are jumping on it and calling it a success. However, the drama’s ratings were below 4% throughout, and even dropped to the 1% range at times, so it seems like a low bar.