How do you blackout North Face logo?

How do you blackout North Face logo?

Try going to a fabric or craft store and buying a black solvent based paint stick. It should last longer than a sharpie andnot discolour. You can’t see it when you are wearing it.

Why is The North Face logo black?

The red is symbolic of passion and courage and combines with black, which denotes supremacy, elegance and dominance, to create an iconic brand.

What is the North Face logo made of?

The North Face’s logo consists of a slightly skewed quarter-circle with two lines running within it. This image is an interpretation of Half Dome, a rock formation in Yosemite National Park, viewed from the west, with the sheer north (or northwest) face of Half Dome to the left.

Can I dye my North Face backpack?

The fabric of the BCD is a water repellent material, so dyeing it doesn’t seem like a viable option. Sorry.

What is The North Face black box?

This Black Box Track Jacket in Black from The North Face is a tracksuit jacket from the brand’s black box collection, and is constructed from a woven blend of 95% nylon and 5% elastane, alongside a mesh lining for a comfortable, breathable and lightweight piece.

What font is The North Face logo?

Helvetica Bold
The logo of The North Face consists of a slanted quarter-circle with two lines inside and the logotype on the left side of the symbol. The font used in the logotype is very similar to a font called Helvetica Bold.

What does The North Face name mean?

Our Story: Behind The Brand. We are named for the coldest, most unforgiving side of a mountain. We have helped explorers reach the most unfathomable heights of the Himalayas.

Can I dye backpack black?

It is definitely possible to change the color of a ripstop nylon backpack using Rit dye. I have not tested the backpack to see if it has lost any of its ability to repel water. I suspect that it has, but that’s an easy fix and not all that important if you pack using a liner.

How do I find my North Face style number?

Where can I find the name or item number of my product? If your item still has the original tag, the item name and number are written on it. If not, you should be able to find the style of a The North FaceĀ® product on the internal label. It begins with an A or C followed by 3 letters or numbers.

How big is a North Face logo?


Width 170mm
Height 170mm