Who wrote Stay With Me by Rod Stewart?

Who wrote Stay With Me by Rod Stewart?

Rod Stewart
Ronnie Wood
Stay With Me/Composers

Who played lead guitar on stay with me?

Just who is responsible for that burst of six-string supremacy? Find the liner notes to the album and you might be surprised to know it was recorded by none other than Brian May, the guitarist in the British rock band Queen.

Who played drums on Rod Stewart unplugged?

Rod Stewart With Special Guest Ronnie Wood – Unplugged …

Did Rod Stewart sing with the group faces?

The Jeff Beck Group1967 – 1969Shotgun Express1966 – 1967The Steampacket1965 – 1966
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Who Wrote stay with me Japanese?

“Mayonaka no Door – Stay With Me” was released in November 1979 as Matsubara’s debut single, shortly before she turned 20 years old. The lyrics were written by Tokuko Miura and the music was composed and arranged by Tetsuji Hayashi.

How many guitars does Ronnie Wood own?

Wood owns an enviable guitar arsenal of vintage collectibles, but doesn’t take priceless gear out on the road. Naturally, he does have dozens of guitars at his disposal every night. “If we do 23 songs, as we did on the latest tour, I play 23 different guitars and every song is in a different tuning, too.”

What guitar does Ronnie Wood use?

Whatever else comes and goes thru Ronnie’s hands, OLD ’55 STRAT is always his #1 guitar! When Woody signed to Warner Brothers in 1974 they bought this guitar as a gift and since then it’s been in the Frontline of His guitar Arsenal, therefore, it is on almost everything he has recorded.

Why did Sam Smith make Stay With Me?

“Stay With Me” ended up winning best song of the year at the 2015 Grammys, and during their acceptance speech, Sam revealed that In the Lonely Hour was inspired by someone they used to date. “I want to thank the man who this record is about who I fell in love with last year,” Sam told the audience.