How do I get Setanta Sports?

How do I get Setanta Sports?

How to Get Started

  1. Create your account. Enter your credentials and create a password.
  2. Add a payment method. Enter your payment details to make it official. Cancel anytime.
  3. Start watching. Stream instantly. Don’t forget to download the Setanta Sports app to all your devices.

What happened to eir sport?

The decision to discontinue Eir Sport by the end of 2021 was made “following an in-depth review” undertaken by the company. In a statement Eir mentioned the adverse effect the pandemic has had on its business model with Eir Sport no longer financially viable as a direct result.

What has happened to eir sport?

Will eir sport be replaced?

Eir Sport will continue to broadcast this year’s Allianz Leagues and its remaining Rainbow Cup commitments, before bringing the shutters down before the end of 2021. Download the brand new OTB Sports App in the Play Store & App Store right now! We’ve got you covered!

How do I get eir sports on my TV?

Download the eir TV app

  1. You must first be registered for a my eir account.
  2. Download the app from the App Store / Play Store.
  3. Open the app and enter your log in details.

Where does Setanta Sports Australia operate?

Setanta Sports Australia operates across all of Australia. It is part of the Setanta Sports Group channels that broadcast in several countries, including Canada, Ireland, the Caribbean and Africa.

Does Setanta still operate in the UK?

Setanta previously operated services in the UK, following a period of administration its UK services ceased operating. Within the Great Britain, Setanta GB operated Setanta Sports 1 and 2, and Setanta Golf. It also operated Setanta Sports News under a joint venture with Virgin Media.

What happened to Setanta TV?

The same day, Setanta lost all their SPL TV rights because they were unable to pay the £3m (€3.5m) owed to the league. Following this, it was announced that ESPN had bought the rights to show the 46 Premier League games bought by Setanta for the 2009/10 season.

Is beIN Sports Australia owned by Setanta?

The channel became BeIN Sports Australia in November 2014. Setanta Sports previously operated a version of the channel in Canada as a joint venture with Canadian media company Rogers Communications (Setanta itself owned 20% of the network).