How much is LRT monthly pass?

How much is LRT monthly pass?

The new pass which costs RM50/month will replace the current My30 pass (RM30/month) starting from 1st January 2022. This means frequent public transport users will have to pay RM20 more for their unlimited monthly pass starting next month.

How much is the RTL?

Fare schedule

Tickets and pass not refundables Reduced fare
Monthly pass $62,50
4 month $244,00
Monthly pass Access 65 OFF PEAK $31,25
24 hours $10,50

How much is a monthly bus pass in California?

Monthly Pass: 31-Day Pass. Local – $70. Senior/Disabled/Medicare Local – $33. Silver Streak – $105.

Can I use my OPUS card in Longueuil?

The OPUS card represents the key to your travels on the Longueuil Transmission System (RTL), the Montreal Transit Corporation (STM), the Laval Transportation Corporation (STL), the Metropolitan Transportation Network (RTM) and even to the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) in Quebec City!

Can I use MyKad for LRT?

Yes, you can still enjoy the flat rate at the LRT and MRT Park n Ride facilities when you take the LRT/MRT/Monorail/BRT services, but you must tap your MyKad or MyTentera that has been activated with My50 at the Park n Ride entry/exit and use the same MyKad or MyTentera when you ride the train or bus.

Can I use Touch n Go card for LRT?

Use it to pay for the LRT, MRT, Monorail, KTM and busses. Just tap onto the gates with your TnG card and the ticket fee will automatically be deducted from your card balance. More parking spaces in malls, hospitals, and sometimes even hotels, accept payment via TnG cards.

Is RTL free?

RTL (called RTL plus from 1984–1992 and RTL Television from 1992–2004) is a German free-to-air television channel owned by the RTL Group and is the largest private network in Germany.

How much is an OPUS card for Montreal and Laval?

The card costs $6 and is non-refundable.

Does OPUS card work in Laval?

With an All Modes AB ticket, you can take the bus, commuter train and metro to travel to, from and within Laval. Learn more about ticket and pass options for using public transportation in the Greater Montreal Area.

Can I use KTM card for LRT?

Touch N Go is an electronic payment card that can be preloaded with value in Malaysian Ringgit. Touch N Go can be used for KTM Komuter, LRT, highway tolls, parking and shopping.