What should I write in my CV as ESL teacher?

What should I write in my CV as ESL teacher?

ESL Teacher Resume Summary Seeking to bring expertise and enthusiasm to your ESL university program. Skilled English as a second language teacher with years of experience. Taught students of different proficiency levels in a variety of institutions. Knows how to deliver lectures and prepare students for ESL exams.

How do you write an English teacher resume?

Review the job description and use these steps to write an English teacher’s resume:

  1. Include your name and contact information.
  2. Write a resume objective.
  3. Include your educational background.
  4. List your relevant work experience.
  5. Include a list of your skills.
  6. Resume example for entry-level English teacher.

How do I write a CV for teaching English abroad?

The following list will help you understand how to make your TEFL resume stand out:

  1. Add Your Personal Information.
  2. List Your Education And Certificates.
  3. Highlight Your Skills.
  4. Share Your Career Experience.
  5. Add in Extracurricular Activities and Accomplishments.
  6. Provide Professional References.

What is the job description of an ESL teacher?

ESL Teachers instruct students whose first language is not English. The goal is to teach the English Language Proficiency Standard Course of Study. The ESL Teacher instructs English language learners to read, speak, listen, and write English, so they can achieve grade level proficiency in all academic areas.

Are ESL teachers real teachers?

ESL Teacher Career Guide. English as a second language (ESL) teachers work with non-native speakers to help them learn to speak, read, understand, and write in English. They may work in public or private schools, language academies, or teach private lessons out of their home or the homes of students.

What are the responsibilities of an English teacher?


  • Organize classroom lectures and coursework.
  • Prepare materials and activities.
  • Assign homework and interesting exercises.
  • Identify students with special requirements and create individualized plans.
  • Determine exam and assignment grades.
  • Provide feedback based on workload and classroom behavior.

How do I write a teacher profile on my CV?

How to write a teacher profile

  1. State who you are. Start off your teacher profile by stating who you are.
  2. Add your objective.
  3. Describe your personality.
  4. Highlight your skills.
  5. Make it unique.
  6. Format your profile.
  7. Review and edit.

How do I write a TEFL CV with no experience?

TEFL resume example with no experience Follow this specialization with your university course information or high school graduation credentials. Next, insert your related work experience. Remember to focus on your transferable skills if none of your jobs clearly link to your future job as an ESL teacher.

Does TEFL look good on resume?

Teaching English abroad looks perfect on a resume for those looking to pursue a career with such entities and proves that your interest in international affairs is real and personal.

Why should we hire you as an ESL teacher?

“You should hire me because I’m confident and I’ll do the best job. I have a proven track record of success starting from high school until now. I’m responsible and smart. This position requires someone that will work well without supervision.

Is ESL and TEFL the same?

ESL: English as a Second Language. ESOL: English to Speakers of Other Languages. TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language.