How do you level up fast in BTD5?

How do you level up fast in BTD5?

One way to gain ridiculous amounts of Experience Points quickly is to Regen Farm. Popping enough bloons will gain ranks much faster. The looping will gain experience to rank up quickly. Add more random towers for the towers’ own experience gain.

What is the hardest level in BTD5?

The Hard Difficulty Icon in Bloons TD 5 is a Robo Monkey, or a Sun God in Extreme Tracks. The Hard Difficulty Icon in Bloons TD 6 is The Anti-Bloon, the upgrade after Tech Terror for Super Monkey. Before Version 2.0, Half Cash was “Half Starting Cash”, where only the Starting Cash was reduced.

What does Fast Track do BTD5?

Fast track is VERY useful in my opinion since it is a permanent thing. It significantly reduces the difficulty of harder maps (expert and advanced) and removes the bother of getting through early game.

What is the best strategy for BTD5?

5. Strategy 5

  • Before Round 1) Ninja Monkey at the beginning.
  • Before Round 2) Glue gunner 2/1 above the ninja monkey.
  • During Round 3) Buy a 0/3 Buccaneer.
  • During Round 4) Get 2 more 0/3 Buccaneers and put some road spikes at the end.
  • During Round 5) Use the MOAB Take Down abilities 3 times.

How do you beat Impoppable in BTD5?

To ensure the win, placing down a Monkey Village upgraded to 2-3 and spamming Apache Dartship (BTD5) should clean up every round past this. In general, 5 should be able to beat most rounds with ease.

Does support chinook work on Impoppable?

Support Chinook is the fourth upgrade of Path 2 for the Heli Pilot in Bloons TD 6. Similarly to its Bloons TD 5 counterpart, Support Chinook adds two new abilities: the Reposition Tower Ability and the Crate Drop Ability. It costs $10,200 on Easy, $12,000 on Medium, $12,960 on Hard, and $14,400 on Impoppable.

What is Impoppable BTD6?

Impoppable is a game mode in Bloons TD 6. It is unlocked on a map-by-map basis by beating Alternate Bloons Rounds. Beating Impoppable unlocks the CHIMPS gamemode. On Impoppable, players start with only 1 life and all means of gaining lives (including Mana Shield) are disabled.