Who is the original singer of nobody?

Who is the original singer of nobody?

The song was first recorded in 1982 by Sylvia, who was already a country music star, achieving a #1 hit and 2 other top tens in 1981. “Nobody” was her second and final Billboard #1 country hit….Nobody (Sylvia song)

Genre Country pop
Length 3:19
Label RCA Nashville
Songwriter(s) Kye Fleming, Dennis Morgan

Who wrote Nobody by Wonder Girls?

J.Y. Park

Why did sunmi leave WG?

Once again, she was asked why she left Wonder Girls and ultimately, JYP Entertainment. The former Wonder Girls member has stated that “It was an extremely busy life. I was also used to getting lots of love and attention from fans. But the worst part was that everything was just routine.

Who is country singer Sylvia?

AmericanSylvia / Nationality

Sylvia Jane Hutton (née Kirby, born December 9, 1956), known professionally by her first name Sylvia during the 1980s, is an American country music and country pop singer and songwriter. Her biggest hit (a crossover chart topper), was her single “Nobody” in 1982.

Where is Mitski from?

Mie, JapanMitski / Place of birth

Is Wonder Girl Wonder Woman’s Daughter?

In 2011, when DC relaunched Wonder Woman and revealed she was Zeus’s daughter, the publisher retroactively changed Cassie’s backstory to establish she was actually Zeus’s granddaughter, making her Wonder Woman’s niece….Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Wonder Girl
Notable aliases Wonder Girl

Does sunmi work for JYP?

In 2015, Sunmi was announced to be resuming promotion with the Wonder Girls and remained with the group until their disbandment in 2017. She subsequently left JYP Entertainment and joined Makeus Entertainment (now known as Abyss Company), releasing the hit single “Gashina”.

How old are sunmi?

30 years (May 2, 1992)Sunmi / Age

How Old Is Sylvia singer?

65 years (December 9, 1956)Sylvia / Age

What ever happened to country singer Sylvia?

“Nobody” was named BMI’s Song Of The Year for most air-play in 1983. With over four million records sold, Sylvia has a well earned place in country music history. So, whatever happened to Sylvia? Well, the Kokomo, Indiana native is alive and well at the age of 64.

Did Mitski go to college?

Purchase College
Alabama School of Fine Arts