How does pie in the face game work?

How does pie in the face game work?

Pie Face is a game that does pretty much what you’d expect from the title. Players sit in front of a spring loaded arm, taking turns to twist a crank. Eventually, one unlucky player will release the arm and be splattered with whipped cream to the enjoyment of the group.

Who invented the game pie face?

“Pie Face,” made by Hassenfeld Bros (now Hasbro) in 1968, was a cream pie game version of Russian roulette.

What type of game is pie face?

The hilarious Pie Face game is filled with fun and suspense, and somebody’s bound to get surprised! Players load the arm with whipped cream (not included) or the included sponge, then take turns sliding their heads through the mask and spinning the spinner. But, watch out!

What is the pie game called?

Pie or Pieman Pieman, is an outdoor game for more than three children….Pie (game)

Other names Pieman Pieman
Age range 3 and up
Skills required Running

What do you need to play pie face?


  1. 1 Pie Thrower.
  2. 1 Throwing Arm.
  3. 2 Handles.
  4. 1 Chin Rest.
  5. 1 Splash Card Mask.
  6. 1 Spinner.
  7. 1 Sponge.
  8. Rulebook.

When was pie face made?

Pie Face was established in 2003, and rapidly expanded.

Who does pie face support?

Jack McDermott has been in the public eye mostly since being contestant for Big Brother 2015, but also for supporting at Plymouth home and away games, has his on YouTube account and boasts a large following online, over 200,000 followers on Twitter alone.

What can u use for pie face?

What is this? For ages 5 and up, Hasbro’s Pie Face game is super easy to set up, and has a soft sponge on top of the plastic hand to load up with a heaping pile of whipped cream.

How do you make the game pie face?

  1. Attach pencil and plastic spoon to each other using rubber bands to form “T”.
  2. Using screw driver make 2 holes on the sides of ice cream box.
  3. Place the pencil and spoon part in the holes of the box.
  4. Make the “face place” by cutting out big circle out of ice cream box’s top. Decorate as you wish.

How do you put together a pie face game?

Set the throwing arm by pressing it down into place. Assemble the spinner by pushing the plastic arm through the numbered card and snapping it into the plastic backing. Place the spinner nearby. Load the “hand” with the wet sponge or lots of delicious whipped cream from home!