Is Carracosta good competitively?

Is Carracosta good competitively?

Carracosta is one of the best setup sweepers in NU, as it can set up on many offensive Pokemon and tank super effective hits thanks to its ability, Solid Rock. Carracosta has a great offensive typing and powerful STAB options, making it very difficult to defeat if it sets up Shell Smash.

Is Carracosta a turtle?

Biology. Carracosta is a reptilian Pokémon resembling a bipedal, blue-colored sea turtle. Its stomach is pale blue.

What is Carracosta based on?

giant turtle Archelon
The last line of extinct marine Pokémon consist of Tirtouga and Carracosta, which are based on the late Cretaceous giant turtle Archelon or its slightly smaller relative Protostega. Both turtles are known to be related to today’s leatherback turtle, which sports a leathery back instead of a solid shell.

How good is Tirtouga?

Tirtouga has many things going for it: great bulk, a good movepool, two good abilities, and decent typing. It can successfully pull off a number of sets and will almost always pull its weight.

What level does Tirtouga evolve?

level 37
Tirtouga (Japanese: プロトーガ Protoga) is a Water/Rock Fossil Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It is resurrected from a Cover Fossil and evolves into Carracosta starting at level 37.

Is Tirtouga physical or special?


Type Dark
Category Physical
Power 65 BP
Accuracy 100%

What does Tirtouga evolve into?

CarracostaTirtouga / Evolves to

Is there a Carracosta in Pokemon Adventures manga?

In the Pokémon Adventures manga. A Carracosta appeared in a fantasy in Mine Mayhem. In A Cold Reception, Black’s Tirtouga, nicknamed Costa, evolved into a Carracosta during his Gym battle against Brycen. This allowed Costa to defeat Brycen’s Beartic and win the battle.

What is the best moveset for Carracosta?

“Carracosta eats every last bit of the prey it catches, even the shells and bones, to further strengthen its sturdy shell.” The best moves for Carracosta are Rock Throw and Surf when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Is Carracosta hard to knock out?

This Pokémon emerges from the water in search of prey despite the fact that it moves more slowly on land. Carracosta completely devours its prey—bones, shells, and all. Because of this, Carracosta’s own shell grows thick and sturdy. It cannot be knocked out with one hit.