What is the issue of oil exploration?

What is the issue of oil exploration?

Exploring and drilling for oil may disturb land and marine ecosystems. Seismic techniques used to explore for oil under the ocean floor may harm fish and marine mammals. Drilling an oil well on land often requires clearing an area of vegetation.

How was oil discovered in Uganda?

The report documented existence of oil seepages along the shores of Lake Albert in on both Uganda and DRC sides. In 1936 -1956, the first shallow stratigraphic wells were drilled by the African – European Investment Company. The first deep well, Waki B-1 well was drilled in Butiaba, in 1938 and encountered bitumen.

What is the biggest problem with oil?

With rising global demand, highly volatile prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the oil and gas industry faces three major challenges : reduce costs, optimize the performance of its industrial base assets and improve its environmental footprint.

What are the five major risks faced by oil and gas companies?

Biggest Risks Facing Oil & Gas Companies

  • Cyber Risks.
  • Financial Risks.
  • Supply and Demand Risks.
  • Environmental Risks.
  • Safety Risks.
  • Risks from the Internet of Things.
  • Risks From Employees.
  • Risks From Lack of Cybersecurity Staff.

What is the main challenges in petroleum engineering?

The E&P industry faces numerous challenges as it addresses growing energy demand, the need for sustainable operations, declining production from older reservoirs, and new resources in harder to reach and harsher environments.

What are the environmental impacts of oil extraction?

Drilling for oil, both on land and at sea, is disruptive to the environment and can destroy natural habitats. Additionally, pipes to gather oil, roads and stations, and other accessory structures necessary for extracting oil compromise even larger portions of habitats.

What is a oil discovery?

Hydrocarbon exploration (or oil and gas exploration) is the search by petroleum geologists and geophysicists for deposits of hydrocarbons, particularly petroleum and natural gas, in the Earth using petroleum geology.

Who discovered oil in Uganda?

E.J. Wayland
The first assessment of the oil and gas potential of Uganda was made by a Government Geologist by the names: E.J. Wayland who documented hydrocarbon occurrences in the Albertine Graben in the 1920s.

Where has oil been discovered in Uganda?

Albertine Graben region
Oil in Uganda Uganda discovered commercially viable oil deposits in the Albertine Graben region in 2006 and has since embarked on establishing effective management procedures to promote growth and development for the country.

What main challenges do the oil and gas industry face in managing global supply chain?

Therefore, the main challenge facing the oil and gas industry is not the availability of oil and gas resources, but putting these reserves into production and delivering the final products to consumers at the minimum cost possible. Thus, a solid supply-chain management program will enhance this goal.

What factors affecting the oil and gas industry?

There are multiple external factors that affect this industry such as crude oil availability, oil price fluctuation, high transportation cost, as well as exposure to high uncertainties [5–9].