Which cartoon character said yeah yeah sure sure?

Which cartoon character said yeah yeah sure sure?

Bertie has large buck teeth, and a habit of responding to Hubie with: “Yeah-yeah, sure-sure!” or sniggering “Riot!” if Hubie has just proposed some scheme with great comedic potential.

Who is the mouse in Bugs Bunny?

Speedy Gonzales
Speedy Gonzales is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. He is portrayed as “The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico” with his major traits being the ability to run extremely fast, speaking with an exaggerated Mexican accent.

What is the name of the cat in Looney Tunes?

Sylvester James Pussycat, Sr.
Sylvester James Pussycat, Sr. is a fictional character, an anthropomorphic tuxedo cat in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. Most of his appearances have him often chasing Tweety, Speedy Gonzales, or Hippety Hopper.

Who is the most popular Looney Tune character?

Perhaps only Mickey Mouse can rival Bugs Bunny as the most famous cartoon character of all time. He has been the poster boy for the Looney Tunes cartoons for many years and for good reason. His unique and fun characterization makes him an extremely likable hero who is always easy to cheer for.

Will Speedy Gonzales be in Space Jam 2?

Gabriel Iglesias Says His Casting as Speedy Gonzales in ‘Space Jam 2’ Was “Big Brown Shield” for Warner Bros. Dropping by ‘The Late Show’ on Tuesday, the comic-actor told Stephen Colbert that the Looney Tunes mouse was a beloved character from his childhood and he had zero qualms about the casting.

Did Michael Jordan’s real family play in Space Jam?

Jordan’s family and real kids were not in the original, however their names (Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine) were used. New Legacy features actors portraying James’ family, with different names to highlight the fictional storyline.

Who is the red fluffy in Space Jam 2?

Gossamer, if you’re unfamiliar with the Looney Tunes, is the big red furry one. While clearly not in the same echelon as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or Porky Pig, Gossamer is a classic Tune, and he’s always been one of my favourites. He’s included in Space Jam: A New Legacy, but only just.

Is it really LeBron James family in Space Jam?

Does LeBron James’ Real Family Star In Space Jam: A New Legacy? While the family in Space Jam: A New Legacy is based on James’ real relatives, they are played by actors in the movie. Dom, James’ middle son who wants to abandon basketball in favor of other avenues, is played by young actor Cedric Joe.

Who is Speedy Gonzales’s cousin?

Slowpoke Rodríguez
Slowpoke Rodríguez is a fictional animated cartoon mouse and the cousin of Speedy Gonzales from the popular Looney Tunes’ series of characters.

Who voiced Hubie and Bertie in the original mouse show?

The mice are here voiced by Dick Nelson (Hubie) and Stan Freberg (Bertie). The short was followed by House Hunting Mice on September 6, 1947, where Hubie and Bertie run afoul of a housekeeping robot .

What episode does Hubie and Bertie appear in?

Hubie and Bertie appear in the Duck Dodgers episode “Too Close for Combat.” They are hired by Queen Tyr’Ahnee and Martian Commander X-2 to break up Duck Dodgers and the Eager Young Space Cadet with their vocal impersonations of them.

How many Hubie and Bertie cartoons were produced?

Seven Hubie and Bertie cartoons were produced between 1943 and 1952. Jones introduced Hubie and Bertie in the short The Aristo-Cat, first released on June 19, 1943.

What is the plot of the Hubie/Bertie cartoon?

The plot of the cartoon would serve as the template for most future Hubie/Bertie outings: a character with some mental illness or degree of naïveté (here, a cat who doesn’t know what a mouse looks like) is psychologically tormented by the pair.