What shotgun shells does Duck Commander use?

What shotgun shells does Duck Commander use?

They shoot Hevi brand shells. Specifically, they shoot Hevi-Bismuth, Hevi-Metal, and Hevi-Hammer. Which shell they use depends on the kind of hunt they’re doing and the distance at which they’ll be shooting. According to Godwin, those three styles of shells are about all the Duck Dynasty clan uses.

What guns do they use in Duck Dynasty?

Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family is launching a line of camouflage-colored guns. The family’s 40-year-old Duck Commander company has partnered with gunmaker Mossberg to release nine different shotgun models, as well as two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol, according to CNN (images below).

What is the best shotgun for duck and goose hunting?

Waterfowl Guns: 13 Great Duck and Goose Hunting Shotguns

  1. Remington Model 870. Remington Model 870Remington.
  2. Winchester Model 12. The classic Winchester Model 1912.
  3. Browning Auto-5. The Browning Auto 5 is a classic for waterfowl.
  4. Benelli Super Black Eagle 3.
  5. Beretta A350 Xtrema.
  6. Browning Gold.
  7. Remington Versa Max.
  8. Benelli Vinci.

What is the best shot size for duck hunting?

#3’s and 4’s are the best shot sizes for ducks. They meet the minimum 3 foot-pounds of knockdown power, and the most pellets present within a 30” circle when reaching the distance of the target.

What chokes do Duck Commander use?

West Monroe, LA – August 1, 2015 – Duck Commander, a leading manufacturer of premium duck calls, accessories, lifestyle products with their large media prowess and JEBS Precision Choke Tubes, the current still-target world-record holder and a leading manufacturer of premium choke tubes, today announced partnership as …

What gun does Willie Robertson use?

Willie Robertson’s hunting adventures on Buck Commander, featuring his custom Divide rifle. Witness Willie breaking the record for the longest shot in Buck Commander history, dropping a beautiful drop tine buck in his tracks, along with a number of other exciting hunts.

What gun does Phil Robertson hunt with?

Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander himself, chats with Realtree.com’s Will Brantley about nutria rats, first shotguns, the Browning A-5, and the Duck Commanders’ recent switch to Mossberg.

Is a Remington 870 good for duck hunting?

For someone starting into shotgun sports and upland or waterfowl hunting, a simple model 870 will work great, especially since you can put shell after shell through it.

What is the best shotgun for geese?

5 Best Shotguns for Goose Hunting

  • Browning Gold 10. My all-time favorite goose gun is the Browning Gold 10 semi-auto.
  • Benelli Super Black Eagle II.
  • Beretta Xtrema 2.
  • Winchester Super X3.

What choke do you use for duck hunting?

A modified choke tube (0.020”) is the best choke size for duck hunting. It allows for all-around performance for both decoying and passing shots. All types of shot and shot sizes can be put through a modified choke tube with no issues. Full chokes are specialized chokes for long distance shots only.