How old is Erik in Dark Phoenix?

How old is Erik in Dark Phoenix?

He was born in 1930, which means Magneto is roughly 63 in 1993. Erik was 14 when he was sent to a concentration camp in Auschwitz in 1944, where his mutant power over magnetism manifested.

How old is Magneto in Days of Future Past?

Since that sequence takes place in 1944, we know the character was born around the year 1930. While that makes him a perfectly reasonable 32 by the time Fassbender takes over for the 1962-set bulk of First Class, it also means that Fassbender is playing 43 in Days of Future Past and a deeply insane 53 in Apocalypse.

What was Magneto’s Daughters power?

After fleeing the United States and settling in Poland, Erik Lehnsherr met a woman named Magda and the pair got married and conceived a girl who they named Nina. She was shown to have powers to affect and control animal behavior, allowing her to befriend the wildlife outside her home.

Are Polaris and Wanda sisters?

Magneto’s other daughter, Polaris, was Wanda and Pietro’s half-sister, until the 2010 retcon. A mutant who can control magnetism, like her father, Polaris is mostly depicted as a superheroine, a member of either the X-Men or one of the other adjacent groups, like X-Force.

What is magnetos real name?

Max Eisenhardt
Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) In Comics Powers, Enemies, History | Marvel.

How many kids does Magneto have?

As it stands, Magneto is known to have fathered two children: Anya, with his wife Magda, both of whom were killed before the child’s mutant powers would have manifested, and Polaris, with a woman named Suzanna with whom Magneto had a brief affair.

What language does Erik Lehnsherr speak?

Multilingualism: Erik’s native tongue is German and he can speak English, Hebrew, French, Polish and Spanish fluently.

What language does Magneto speak in first class?

Michael Fassbender has claimed that his unusual accent in X-Men: First Class is not meant to be from any particular region. The actor, who portrays future X-Men villain Magneto in Matthew Vaughn’s prequel, said that he used a mixture of his own Irish accent with several other styles.

Does Magneto have a tattoo?

The number tattooed on Magneto’s arm at Auschwitz was 214782.