How would you describe the location of Tabugon?

How would you describe the location of Tabugon?

Tabugon is situated at approximately 14.0741, 122.3729, in the island of Luzon. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 42.2 meters or 138.4 feet above mean sea level.

How many barangays are there in Camarines Norte?

Local government units Camarines Norte has 12 municipalities. The total number of barangays in the province is 282.

What is the province of Daet Camarines Norte?

Camarines Norte (Central Bikol: Amihanan na Camarines; Tagalog: Hilagang Camarines) is a province in the Philippines located in the Bicol Region in Luzon. Its capital is Daet. The province borders Quezon to the west, Camarines Sur to the south, and the Philippine Sea to the north….

Camarines Norte
• Component cities 0

What is the population of Daet Camarines Norte?

111,700 people
Daet (IPA: [daʔet]), officially the Municipality of Daet (Central Bikol: Banwaan kan Daet; Tagalog: Bayan ng Daet), is a 1st class municipality and capital of the province of Camarines Norte, Philippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 111,700 people.

What is the region of Camarines Norte?

Bicol Region

Province Camarines Norte
Region REGION V (Bicol Region)
Population 583,313
Revenue 2,401,059,906.05

What is the district of tabogon?

Region Central Visayas
Province Cebu
District 4th district
Barangays 25 (see Barangays)

How big is Camarines Norte?

896 mi²Camarines Norte / Area

What is Daet known for?

The municipality is a popular surfing spot among surfers worldwide. It is also home to the annual Daet International Aerosports Show, first held in 2013.

What is the rank of Camarines Norte?

Camarines Norte State College

country rank 185
world rank 12044

How many barangay are there in tabogon Cebu?

25 barangays
Barangays. Tabogon has 25 barangays as shown in the following table.