What is the theory of Zener diode?

What is the theory of Zener diode?

The Zener diode is like a general-purpose signal diode. When biased in the forward direction it behaves just like a normal signal diode, but when a reverse voltage is applied to it, the voltage remains constant for a wide range of currents. Avalanche Breakdown: There is a limit for the reverse voltage.

What is the voltage of 1N4148 Zener diode?

1N4148 Zener Diode

Brand NXP / Philips / Goodark / Nexperia
Usage/Application Electronic
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage Max. 100 V
High Switching Speed Max. 4 ns
Minimum Order Quantity 10000 Piece

Is Zener diode forward bias or reverse bias?

A Zener diode operates just like a normal diode when it is forward-biased. However, a small leakage current flows through the diode when connected in reverse biased mode. As the reverse voltage increases to the predetermined breakdown voltage (Vz), current starts flowing through the diode.

What is meant by VI characteristics?

What is V-I Characteristics? V-I characteristics stand for voltage-current characteristics of an electrical component or device. The V-I graph yields valuable information about the resistance and breaks down an electronic component. It also provides the operating region of a component.

Why is Zener reverse biased?

Zener diode is a heavily doped diode. It acts as a normal diode in forwarding bias. When the Zener diode is reverse biased the junction potential increases. As the breakdown voltage is high this will provide high voltage handling capacity.

What happens if Zener diode is forward biased?

When Zener diode is biased in the forward direction it behaves like a normal signal diode passing the current increasing linearly with voltage, but as soon as a reverse voltage applied across the Zener diode attains the breakdown voltage of the device, a large current starts to flow through the diode.

What is Zener region?

At zener breakdown region, a small increase in voltage will rapidly increases the electric current. Zener breakdown occurs at low reverse voltage whereas avalanche breakdown occurs at high reverse voltage. Zener breakdown occurs in zener diodes because they have very thin depletion region.

What is characteristics of Zener diode?

Zener Diode Characteristics. Zener diodes operate similarly to conventional diodes when in the forward-bias mode. They have a bias turn-on voltage of between 0.3 and 0.7V. When connected in the reverse mode, there is a small leakage current flow in most applications.