Does Sprint prepaid still exist?

Does Sprint prepaid still exist?

Sprint prepaid plans are no longer, but you can check out new carriers or stick with T-Mobile. Sprint spent years pushing its postpaid unlimited plans before the T-Mobile merger. However, the carrier offered some prepaid plans on Boost Mobile as an affordable alternative for those willing to give an MVNO a try.

What networks are compatible with Sprint phones?

If you have a Sprint phone, you will be able to use a SIM card from carriers that run on the same network, such as Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Ting.

Does Sprint use ATT towers?

Sprint uses a CDMA network, whereas T-Mobile uses GSM. Historically, that meant Sprint phones don’t play well on other wireless carriers, like AT and T-Mobile (with several exceptions). That’s still true for the time being—buying a phone from Sprint doesn’t mean it will be able to work on T-Mobile’s network.

Will Sprint phones work on Boost Mobile network?

Eligible Sprint phones that are used on Boost are confirmed to support voice, text, and data services, but Boost can’t guarantee anything beyond this.

Is Sprint prepaid or postpaid?

Sprint offer a variety of cell phones, whether you want a prepaid plan or postpaid plan.

Can I use my Sprint phone with another carrier?

When switching carriers with a Sprint phone, you need to make sure your device is unlocked and you have no outstanding fees on your device. You also need to make sure you are switching to a carrier compatible with your CDMA Sprint device.

Can a Sprint phone work on Verizon?

Unfortunately, no. As we mentioned above, your Sprint phone needs to be paid off in full before you can make the switch from Sprint to Verizon.

Does Sprint have a prepaid unlimited plan?

New ‘Sprint Forward’ prepaid plan offers unlimited at $60, or 4 GB for $40 per month.

Can I unlock my Sprint phone for free?

We unlock mobile devices that meet the following eligibility criteria free of charge: The device must be sold by Sprint. The device has not been reported as lost or stolen, associated with fraudulent activity, or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked.