How many items are in the Iters R?

How many items are in the Iters R?

39 items
The 39 items are organized into seven subscales: Space and Furnishings, Personal Care Routines, Listening and Talking, Activities, Interaction, Program Structure, and Parents and Staff.

What is a good Iters score?

ITERS/ITERS-R subscale scores (score ranges from 1 to 7 with 1 = inadequate and 7 = excellent.

How many mobiles or hanging objects are required in Iters R classrooms?

What is displayed and how the display is used by the staff will affect other areas of the ITERS-R tool (language, nature/science, or diversity). At least 2 examples of colorful hanging objects (mobiles or display that moves in the space).

What is the Iters rating scale?

The Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS) is an observation instrument to assess the quality in the group-based childcare settings for infants and toddlers up to 30 months of age. The ITERS is one of a set of four Environment Rating Scales developed by the Environment Rating Scales Institute (

How many items are in Iters 3?

39 Items
The ITERS-R™ Edition (Harms, Cryer, & Clifford, 2003) consisted of 39 Items organized into 7 subscales. In the revised edition, each level of each Item was defined by numbered indicators. This change enabled assessors to more accurately assign scores and to use the measure more precisely to guide program improvement.

What does Iters stand for?

Acronym. Definition. ITERS. Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale (group care evaluation)

How many items are in Iters-3?

What is ITER 3 indicator?

Indicator reliability is the proportion or percentage of scores that exactly match for each indicator by two assessors independently completing ITERS-3 during the same time sample. Across the 33 Items in the ITERS-3, there were a total of 476 indicators in the pilot test version of the instrument.

What types of materials should be provided in the dramatic play area?

Choosing Materials for the Dramatic Play Center

  • clothing (hats, scarves, shoes, dresses, etc.)
  • fabric (different colors and patterns)
  • masks and capes.
  • boxes, purses, and luggage.
  • writing materials.
  • items for specific prop box themes.
  • miscellaneous items such as a camera, sunglasses, wand, etc.

Who can use Iters?

The ITERS-R is used when the majority of children are younger than 31 months of age. If a classroom enrollment is exactly half and half (e.g., 3 of 6 children are 30 months or younger and 3 children are 31 months and older) then the ITERS-R will be used.

How many subscales are in the Iters 3?

7 subscales

What is the purpose of Iters 3?

ITERS-3 is the next-generation assessment tool for use in center-based child care programs for infants and toddlers up to 36 months of age. ITERS-3 focuses on the full range of needs of infants and toddlers and provides a framework for improving program quality.