What happens if you fail an exam at LSE?

What happens if you fail an exam at LSE?

Undergraduate Students. If you have failed or deferred one full unit or less: you will automatically progress into the next year of study. You will be entered to attempt your resit or deferred assessment during the UG RDAP.

Can you get kicked out of LSE?

The School reserves the right to withdraw undergraduate students from exams if they have failed to meet the minimum requirement for class attendance and coursework submission.

Can you resit exams LSE?

Deferral is to the next suitable opportunity to attempt the assessments. At present, this means: For Undergraduate Students: This will be the In-Year Resit and Deferred Assessment Period in August 2022.

Do LSE accept retakes?

Retakes. Given the competition for places and the nature of assessment at LSE, we prefer students who have achieved high grades in their first attempt (and in one sitting) at relevant examinations. If extenuating circumstances have impacted your exam performance, you should include details of these in your application.

Can you fail a module at LSE?

If you have failed (but not Bad Failed) in a course(s) to the value of 1.0 unit, you will be required to resit unless the fail can be compensated either by a mark of at least 60% in: a) one full unit course; or b) each of two half unit courses; or by a compensation aggregate mark of 330 in the non-failed courses.

What percentage of LSE students get a first?

28.9 percent of LSE students who completed their undergraduate degree in 2015-2016 received first-class honours, compared to 22.2 percent of graduates in 2010-2011.

What happens if you fail a deferred exam?

If your assessment is deferred due to Extenuating Circumstances (coursework or examination) to the summer resit period and you subsequently fail, you may not be able to progress to the next academic year if you do not have the sufficient number of credits.

Can you defer exams?

A deferred exam is a concession intended to allow a student who is unable to attend on the date first set, or who is compelled by illness to leave before the completion of an exam, to take an exam at a later date.

How are LSE exams marked?

Double-blind marking First marker marks all assessed work. Second marker marks all work, without seeing the first marker’s grades/comments. Where there are any differences in mark, the two markers discuss and agree the final mark (usually meeting in person, but potentially by email/phone/other).

Does LSE grade on a curve?

It is unclear how this is the case, given that LSE does not grade on a curve and the university could cap or adapt the grades allowing for re-sits.

Is it difficult to get a first at LSE?

In a recent email to students, LSE announced key changes to how undergraduate degrees will be assessed. The new changes will enable students to reach higher grades more easily.