Does joint mean song?

Does joint mean song?

noun. song. Have you heard Jay-Z’s new joint? It’s funky.

What does joint mean slang?

Joint is defined as slang for a cheap bar, prison or a marijuana cigarette. An example of joint is a night club. An example of joint is jail. An example of joint is marijuana rolled in paper for smoking. noun.

What is my joint?

What exactly is a joint? A joint (joynt) is where two or more bones are joined together. Joints can be rigid, like the joints between the bones in your skull, or movable, like knees, hips, and shoulders. Many joints have cartilage (KAHRT-uh-lij) on the ends of the bones where they come together.

What are other names for a joint?


  • join, junction, juncture, intersection, link, linkage, connection, nexus.
  • weld, knot, seam.
  • coupling, coupler.
  • bracket, brace, hinge.

Why is a place called a joint?

By 1821, ‘joint’ had become an Anglo-Irish term for an annexe, or a side-room ‘joined’ to a main room. By 1877, this had developed into U.S. slang for a ‘place, building, establishment,’ and especially to an opium den. Its first usage in the sense of ‘marijuana cigarette’ is dated to 1938.

What is a spliff slang?

plural spliffs. Britannica Dictionary definition of SPLIFF. [count] British slang. : a marijuana cigarette : joint.

Is it joint or joined?

So, if you want to say you wish to get involved in an activity, programme or journey with another person or group, you need to use the word “join” and not “joint”. This is because “join” is a verb (something you do).

How do you use joint in a sentence?

(1) Cut the stem cleanly, just beneath a leaf joint. (2) They finished in joint first place. (3) The report was a joint effort . (4) They were joint owners of the house .

What are 2 types of joints?

Hinge joints, such as in the fingers, knees, elbows, and toes, allow only bending and straightening movements. Pivot joints. Pivot joints, such as the neck joints, allow limited rotating movements.

Why do we need joint?

Joints allow our bodies to move in many ways. Some joints open and close like a hinge (such as knees and elbows), whereas others allow for more complicated movement — a shoulder or hip joint, for example, allows for backward, forward, sideways, and rotating movement.

Which word means as joints?

Whether it’s the bones making up a skeleton or the wooden sections on your breakfast table, the point where two things come together is called a joint. The noun joint came into English through the French word joindre, meaning “to join.” Use joint to describe the point where two things connect, or join.

How do you roll a joint UK?

Okay so now we’ve got the disclaimer out of the way, here’s a complete step-by-step guide to rolling a joint.

  1. Remove a tip from the booklet.
  2. Fold it back and forth along the perforations.
  3. Wind the rest of the tip around the folds.
  4. Remove a rolling paper and roll it around the tip.
  5. Moisten the gumline and seal it.