How big is the trunk of a Fiat 500?

How big is the trunk of a Fiat 500?

Cargo space is limited in the 500. There’s 9.5 cubic feet of space when the rear seats are up, and that expands to 30.1 cubic feet when the 50/50 split-folding rear seats are folded down. With Cabrio models, you’ll have even less room, at just 5.4 cubic feet.

How wide is a Fiat 500 inside?

The width is 1627mm across all variants….Fiat 500 Dimensions 2020.

Fiat 500 Height 1488mm
Fiat 500 Width 1627mm
Fiat 500 Length 3571mm
Fiat 500 Ground clearance unladen 0mm
Fiat 500 Wheelbase 2300mm

How much space is in the back of a Fiat 500?

As for the rear seat, passengers back there can enjoy 30.7 inches of leg room, 52.5 inches of shoulder room and 28.5 inches of fore-aft room. Basically, the 500L provides some pretty ample room, making it a different and stylish option for families. The second row of the Fiat 500L is roomy.

How big is the boot space on a Fiat 500L?

400 litres
The 500L’s boot offers 400 litres of luggage capacity, which compares well to the 185-litre boot in the Fiat 500, but it’s also 20 litres bigger than what you get in a Volkswagen Golf. The Fiat also has a boot floor that can be raised or lowered.

What can you fit in the boot of a Fiat 500?

Despite the 500’s compact exterior dimensions, the boot is quite impressive. It can take 185 litres in regular use, which is 26 litres less than the MINI hatchback, and down on the Hyundai i10 and Volkswagen up! with around 250 litres.

Can you fit a large suitcase in a Fiat 500?

Registered. 2 rectangular 20″ hardcase carry-ons will not fit if they are full; each is too tall and both are too long to fit in the width. if they are flexible material, and if you can take out some stuff from one, then you can squeeze them laying flat, with the excess belongings fitting forward or aft.

Can you fit a suitcase in a Fiat 500?

How long is a Fiat 500 boot?

The boot also has a three-level floor and the front passenger seat also folds completely flat, meaning the 500L can take loads of up to 2.4 meters. There are 400 litres available with the seats in place so the boot is already bigger than the VW Golf’s – a car from the next class up.

Can you fit a pram in the boot of Fiat 500?

Beautifully stylish with excellent attention the detail the Egg is a great fit in the boot of a Fiat 500 and although one of the bigger strollers it was simple and easy to get out of the car.

Can 2 suitcases fit in Fiat 500?

What can fit in a Fiat 500?

What Can Fit Inside a FIAT 500?

  • 5 adult passengers.
  • 3 large dogs.
  • 2-3 bicycles.
  • All of your holiday presents.
  • Dozens of bags of mulch for lawn maintenance.
  • 10-foot long 2x4s.
  • More than enough Tacoma Mall shopping bags.
  • The whole family’s skateboards and scooters.

What can you fit in a Fiat 500?