How many 1 class people were on the Titanic?

How many 1 class people were on the Titanic?

325 first class
There were 325 first class passengers on board – 175 men, 144 women and 6 children. 202 first class passengers survived – 57 men, 140 women and 5 children.

Did Mabel Bennett survive the Titanic?

On the night of the sinking Mrs Bennett was rescued in lifeboat 5. Steward Henry Etches later identified her2 as the woman who appeared at lifeboat 5 following repeated calls from first officer Murdoch and Bruce Ismay for women to come forward to take a seat in the partially-filled boat.

How many crew mates were on the Titanic?

Crew Statistics 908 – the total number of crew members on board the RMS Titanic. 696 – the number of crew members who perished. 212 – the number of crew members who survived.

Who were the 6 survivors of the Titanic?

Who were the six Chinese survivors? The men were identified as Lee Bing, Fang Lang, Chang Chip, Ah Lam, Chung Foo and Ling Hee. They were believed to be sailors heading to the Caribbean for work.

Did only first class passengers survived the Titanic?

For the most part, most of the well-known people on board were first-class passengers. Researcher Chuck Anesi crunched the numbers, breaking down the demographics of the survivors. He found that 97.22% of the 144 female first-class passengers were rescued, while only 32.57% of their 175 male counterparts were saved.

What was the captain of the Titanic’s last words?

The orchestra played for two hours as the ship sank. The last words of the ship’s captain, Edward Smith, were: “Well boys, you’ve done your duty and done it well.

Is Frederick Fleet still alive?

January 10, 1965Frederick Fleet / Date of death

Did any third class survive Titanic?

How many Third Class passengers survived the Titanic? Only an estimated 172 of the roughly 709 passengers traveling in Steerage were lucky enough to survive the disaster, just 24% of those journeying on a third class ticket.