Should I cover the front of my log store?

Should I cover the front of my log store?

Log stores must be open at the front to help dry sap in the wood, not to keep the rain out. In fact, a log store needs to remain open at the front even in winter to ensure unhindered air flow throughout the whole structure, and should not be covered or the wood won’t dry properly.

What is the best way to store logs outside?

Preferably, logs should be placed on wooden pallets as these keep them off the ground and provide a free flow of air underneath; the ideal height of the wood stack (including the pallet) should be no more than 3ft (1m) as the logs can become unstable if piled too high.

Where is the best place to put a log store?

Ideally, you want your log store to be south facing where there is a wind or a draft. However, you may find this location is not close to your house and in the middle of winter you will have to brave the cold to bring in more logs.

Does a wood store roof need to be waterproof?

The roof, on the other hand, needs to keep water out so that must be solid and sloping away from the front of the store. Covering the roof in felt or another waterproof material will help protect the shed for longer. Fitting a shelf below the roof also provides a useful spot to keep kindling separate from the logs.

Should a wood store be covered?

Firewood is best stored outside. It should be stored neatly, with the outside of the wood exposed to the air. If possible, you should place the wood on top of plastic sheeting or in a wooden log store. Avoid tree cover if possible and don’t leave the logs in a heap.

Should I cover my wood store?

Should I cover my wood pile with a tarp?

Should you cover a woodpile? Above: If a wood stack is out in the open then it can be protected from rain with a tarpaulin or some other cover but this should never come down over the side of the pile because it would trap moisture, as well as potentially causing mold and rot.

Do log stores need to be in the sun?

Whilst logs need to be stored in direct sunlight and where air can flow around them easily, it’s just as important to ensure you’re not exposing them to excessive winds which can blow in rain – so please consider location carefully.

How do you waterproof a log store?

Waterproofing is key for a log store for firewood. We recommend Cuprinol Ducksback: a wax-enriched, water-repellant, non-drip paint. Proofing your wood will increase its longevity and effectiveness and help your wood store stay cosy and dry all winter.

Which way should a log store roof slope?

Build a roof on top of your log store (from corrugated iron, slates or other materials) ensuring that the roof has at least a 15 degree slope, so that rain and snow runs off. Make sure that your roof slopes to the back so that you so not get drenched when collecting wood.

Why do log store roofs slope forward?

The reason for this is that logs, even when kiln dried, still need to breath when stored outside; this ensures good ventilation and avoids problems with humidity and mould growth.