What do you do at a swimming party?

What do you do at a swimming party?

Swimming Pool Games for Summer Fun

  • Pool Volleyball Game. We’ll divide the pool with a net.
  • Musical water balloon toss. The wet version of passing the parcel.
  • Pool Race.
  • Water Balloon Games.
  • Water Guns n’Balloons.
  • Water Polo.
  • Greased Watermelon Relay Race.
  • Invisible Transparent water filled Bottle scavenger Hunt.

How do you throw an amazing pool party?

Best Tips To Throw An Incredible Pool Party

  1. Send Festive Invitations.
  2. Go Big On Decorations.
  3. Keep Your Guests Hydrated With Fun Drinks.
  4. Have A Nice Spread Of Tasty Snacks.
  5. Whip Up A Vibrant Menu.
  6. Don’t Forget The Pool Floats.
  7. Have Cozy Lounge Chairs.
  8. Plan Pool Party Games.

How do you spice up a pool party?

Colored straws, paper products, garlands and lanterns can all help keep your party on-theme. Bring the Caribbean to your celebration with tropical accessories like paper drink umbrellas. Consider the time of day, too. If you’re having a night swim, for example, a little lighting can go a long way.

What kind of food do you serve at a pool party?

11 Best Snacks for a Pool Party

  • Bacon-and-Romaine Skewers with Blue Cheese Dressing.
  • Sliced Fresh Guava with Shaved Coconut.
  • Three-Queso Dip.
  • Shrimp Cakes.
  • Lobster Sliders.
  • Double-Decker Dr Pepper Chicken Tacos.
  • Garlic Bread “Fries” with Marinara “Ketchup”
  • German Soft Pretzel Sticks.

How do you host a pool party for adults?

How to throw an adult pool party

  1. Skip the formal invites. For a fun adult gathering by the pool, there’s no need to get the word out about your party with mailed invitations, which might feel a bit childlike.
  2. Go easy on the decorations.
  3. Provide the essentials.
  4. Mix up some great cocktails.
  5. Keep the food light.
  6. Add music.