What is a quarter wave monopole antenna?

What is a quarter wave monopole antenna?

A quarter wave monopole antenna. is another simple and efficient wire. antenna which is formed by driving. a wire with a voltage between the. wire and a conducting ground plane.

What is length of quarter wave monopole antenna?

The approximate, physical length of a printed quarterwave monopole antenna is then L = 92mm / 4 = 23mm Page 2 WHITE PAPER λ/4 printed monopole antenna for 2.45GHz Nordic Semiconductor ASA – Vestre Rosten 81, N-7075 Tiller, Norway – Phone +4772898900 – Fax +4772898989 Page 2 of 6 January 2005 provided that the size of …

What is quarter wavelength antenna?

A quarter wave antenna is shorter. (half as long) usually fed from one end. a quarter wave antenna requires a metal ground plane (like a car body or a metal plate or the earth) so the radio wave “reflection” makes it look like it’s a half wavelength antenna ..

What is the radiation resistance of quarter wave monopole antenna?

The load impedance of the quarter-wave monopole is half that of the dipole antenna or 37.5 Ohms.

What are the advantages of monopole antenna?

The main advantages of the monopole antenna are omnidirectional pattern in the horizontal plane, easy design procedure and light weight. In recent years the cellular phone handset antennas are required to be of small size, and installed inside the handset in proximity to a large PCB which acts as a ground plane.

How is monopole antenna length calculated?

Use the formula: Length (feet) = 234 / Frequency (MHz). For example, if you intend to operate on 14.2 Megahertz (in the 20-Meter amateur radio band): 234 / 14.2 = 16.5 feet (rounded to nearest 0.1 foot). Your 14.2 MHz quarter wavelength wire monopole ham radio antenna needs to be 16.5 feet in length.

What dBi means?

decibels relative to isotropic
The expression dBi is used to define the gain of an antenna system relative to an isotropic radiator at radio frequencies . The symbol is an abbreviation for “decibels relative to isotropic.” The dBi specification is based on the decibel , a logarithm ic measure of relative power .

How does quarter wave antenna work?

It has a single radiating element, and then relies on the ground or ground simulating system for the remainder of the antenna. In fact the quarter wave dipole can be considered as a dipole in which one half is the radiating monopole, and the other half is a reflection seen in the ground.

Which polarization is used in monopole antenna?

The monopole antenna has only vertical polarization.

What is the bandwidth of a monopole antenna?

The wideband monopole antenna (2.16–4.06 GHz) can be achieved, and the impedance performance has been largely improved due to the strong electromagnetic coupling between the monopole and the periodical structure.