What is the difference between a 7mm Mag and ultra mag?

What is the difference between a 7mm Mag and ultra mag?

Compared to the 7mm Remington Magnum, top 7mm RUM loads deliver 25% more energy at 300 yards. Such performance demands a price and in this case, that is a large muzzle blast, sharp recoil and short barrel life. The 7mm Ultra Magnum boasts the largest case of any commercial 7mm cartridge.

What kind of ammo does a 7mm Rem Mag use?

Sierra GK BT
The 7mm Remington Magnum is based on the commercial . 264 Winchester Magnum, . 338 Winchester Magnum, and . 458 Winchester Magnum, which were based on the same belted ….7mm Remington Magnum.

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
165 gr (11 g) Sierra GK BT 2,950 ft/s (900 m/s) 3,188 ft⋅lbf (4,322 J)

What is the effective range of a 7mm Ultra Mag?

Difficulties aside and where accuracy allows, the 7mm RUM is an outstanding performer on medium game, producing absolutely emphatic kills out to 800 yards and clean kills out to and beyond 1000 yards at which range speed of killing is dependent on target resistance to aid bullet expansion.

Is a 7mm Ultra Mag good for deer?

The 7mm Rem Mag is a superb deer cartridge. With plenty of potential velocity and energy available to hunters, the 7mm Rem Mag is a practical and effective choice for hunters looking to harvest deer at all practical ranges.

Is 7mm-08 and 7mm Rem Mag the same thing?

They are the same caliber, just different case capacity and muzzle velocity. If you want more velocity, and you don’t mind more recoil, the 7mmremmag is an excellent choice. If you want less recoil, and a lighter rifle, the 7mm-08 may be a better choice for you. Only accurate guns are interesting.

What is the effective range of a 7 mm Remington Mag?

With 140 grain bullets, driven at velocities of between 3200 and 3300fps, the 7mm RM delivers extreme trauma on light bodied game out to ranges exceeding 400 yards. This bullet weight tends to lose its ability to produce wide wounding at ranges of around 650 yards.