Where is Dedrick Russell going on WBTV?

Where is Dedrick Russell going on WBTV?

Dedrick Russell’s last day at the QC Life table was Friday. He will be taking on a role as a recruiting specialist to bring in talent for Gray TV’s stations. We’re taking a look back at Dedrick’s career at WBTV. Copyright 2021 WBTV.

Has John Carter left WBTV?

Following his work on Carolina Camera, John left WBTV and formed his own video production business. He also opened what turned out to be a very successful comic book shop, Off The Wall Comics, in Lincolnton that he later turned over to his brother Allan.

Who are the meteorologist on WBTV Charlotte?

Weather Team

  • Bekah Birdsall. Meteorologist. Bekah Birdsall joins the WBTV weather team from WDEF in Chattanooga, TN where she has spent the last two and a half years as a meteorologist and reporter.
  • Leigh Brock. Weekend Meteorologist.
  • Al Conklin. Meteorologist.
  • Rachel Coulter. Meteorologist.
  • Jason Myers. Meteorologist.

What is your WBTV number?

We monitor our tip line daily but, due to the volume of tips, cannot respond to everyone. To contact our Investigates team call 704-374-3511 or email [email protected].

Who is leaving WBTV?

WBTV anchor Maureen O’Boyle said she is leaving the Charlotte CBS affiliate later this year.

What happened to Chandler Morgan?

Chandler Morgan joined the WBTV team in 2018, originally as an Alert Center anchor and reporter. Chandler soon moved into the role of Weekend Anchor and Weekday Education reporter. Chandler frequently fills-in anchoring during the weekdays. She also anchors from the WBTV News Now Desk.

Who does John Carter marry?

During season 11, we learn Kem and Carter have married but in season 12 Carter is by himself as he returns to Africa to provide medical aid in Darfur and makes ominous non-specific references to how things with Kem aren’t good.

Where did Lea Brock go?

After she graduated from the University of North Carolina, she went on to pursue graduate studies at Mississippi State to become a meteorologist.

Who is Dee Dee Gatton?

Dee Dee GattonAnchor/Reporter Most recently, she reported and anchored in Phoenix, Arizona. She was also the evening anchor in Eugene, Oregon and morning anchor in Roseburg,Oregon.

How do I contact Jason Stoogenke?

Jason Stoogenke on Twitter: “@mdough102 Email me if that’s easier: [email protected]” / Twitter.

Where did Brigida Mack go to?

To be able to sleep through the night again will be nice.” Mack is a graduate of Myers Park High School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she earned a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. If you like this kind of reporting, subscribe to our Morning Brew newsletter.

Where is Kristen Miranda from WBTV?

Charlotte, NC Kristen Miranda is the Managing Editor of Lifestyle Content at WBTV and co-host of QC Morning and QC@3.