How did the Tazreen factory fire start?

How did the Tazreen factory fire start?

Exactly five years ago, in November 2012, a fire in the Tazreen Fashions factory in Bangladesh killed at least 112 workers. Probably caused by a short circuit on the ground floor of the building, the fire rapidly spread up the nine floors where garment workers were trapped due to narrow or blocked fire escapes.

What happened at the Tazreen factory fire?

On 24 November 2012 a fire broke out in the Tazreen Fashions garment factory in Bangladesh. Exits to the outside were locked, which left workers trapped inside the building. The only way out was through windows on the upper floors, while the lower windows were barred.

Why did the Bangladesh factory fire happen?

The blaze broke out on Thursday night at Hashem Food and Beverage factory in Rupganj, an industrial town near the capital Dhaka. Authorities told AP news agency the fire took hold because of chemicals and plastics stored inside the building.

Where is tazreen?

The factory is Tazreen Fashions in Savar, Bangladesh, an industrial town just outside the capital city of Dhaka. Its parent company is Tuba Group, which operates several factories in the area.

What happened at the Tazreen Fashions factory?

The 2012 Dhaka garment factory fire broke out on 24 November 2012, in the Tazreen Fashion factory in the Ashulia district on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. At least 117 people were confirmed dead in the fire, and over 200 were injured, making it the deadliest factory fire in the nation’s history.

How long did the Dhaka fire last?

At least 200 people were working in the building when the fire broke out, the police said. The fire, at a seven-story building where fruit drinks and plastic packaging were made, burned for nearly 24 hours, filling the air with thick plumes of black smoke, until it was extinguished on Friday afternoon.

What caused the Kader toy factory fire?

The Kader Industrial (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was first registered on 27 January 1989, but the company’s licence was suspended on 21 November 1989, after a fire on 16 August 1989 destroyed the new plant. This fire was attributed to the ignition of polyester fabric used in the manufacture of dolls in a spinning machine.

Why are garment factories vulnerable to fires?

Flammable materials are stored in the factory without considering the danger of fire and this reason was mentioned by 37.14 percent workers. Transformer explosion became one of the major causes of fire in the factory which was reported by 24.29 percent workers.

How much were families paid as compensation for a lost family member in the Bangladesh fire?

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association said it would pay $1,300 in initial compensation to the families of the dead and would then give them their deceased relative’s monthly salary for at least 10 years.

Did Zara Use Rana Plaza?

Rana Plaza was a building that contained multiple clothing factories. Items were manufactured for the likes of Benetton, BonmarchĂ©, The Children’s Place, Joe Fresh, Monsoon, Accessorize, Mango, Matalan, Primark, Walmart, and Zara. The lower portions of the building also contained shops, a bank, and some apartments.