What did Alphonse Daudet write about?

What did Alphonse Daudet write about?

Alphonse Daudet, (born May 13, 1840, Nîmes, France—died Dec. 16, 1897, Paris?), French short-story writer and novelist, now remembered chiefly as the author of sentimental tales of provincial life in the south of France.

Which country does the writer Alphonse Daudet belong to?

Alphonse Daudet (French: [dodɛ]; 13 May 1840 – 16 December 1897) was a French novelist. He was the husband of Julia Daudet and father of Edmée, Léon and Lucien Daudet….

Alphonse Daudet
Born 13 May 1840 Nîmes, France
Died 16 December 1897 (aged 57) Paris, France
Occupation Novelist, short story writer, playwright, poet

How do you spell Alphonse?

Correct pronunciation for the word “Alphonse” is [ˈalphɒns], [ˈalphɒns], [ˈa_l_p_h_ɒ_n_s].

What is the character sketch of Franz?

Franz was a student in one of the schools in the districts of Alsace. Having a poor family set up, the boy was often asked to work in some mill for earning some money. But the family could not pay due attention towards his education, so the boy loved outside environment and wanted to enjoy it.

What is the background of the story The Last Lesson?

The story, ‘The Last Lesson’ has been set in the background of the Franco-Prussian war that was fought in 1870-71 between Prussia and France. The Prussians captured the districts of Alsace and Lorraine. New orders were issued according to which German language was to be taught in place of French in these two districts.

What is the central theme of The Last Lesson?

The ‘Last Lesson’ by Alphonse Daudet is mainly about the longing to learn the mother tongue and love for it. It has a sense of patriotism. In the ‘Last Lesson’ the Prussians rejected the freedom of the people of Lorraine and Alsace to learn their own mother tongue and started forcing German onto them.

What sort of a boy was Franz?

He is a small boy who loved the outside setup than going to school. He also has very little understanding in school and he is very afraid of M. Hamel.

What happened to Franz stay from school?

Question 10 : What tempted Franz to stay away from school? Answer : Franz feared a scolding at school as he had not prepared his lesson on participles. Besides, the warm, bright weather, the chirping of birds and the sight of the marching Prussian soldiers also tempted him to stay away from school.

What kind of boy was Franz?

Is Alphonse a real name?

The name Alphonse is primarily a male name of French origin that means Noble And Ready. Alphonse is both a given name and surname. Famous bearers: Alphonse “Al” Capone, American gangster/businessman.

Who was Franz in last lesson?

The narrator of the story, Franz is a young school boy in the French region of Alsace-Lorraine in the nineteenth century.

What kind of boy Franz was?