Do creosote cleaning logs really work?

Do creosote cleaning logs really work?

Many homeowners wonder if the chimney sweep logs or creosote sweeping logs really work to clean out fireplace flues and get rid of creosote residue so that the fireplaces are safe to use. The short answer is no, they don’t work. At least, not well enough to completely clean out the flue the way it should be cleaned.

Are creosote sweeping logs safe?

Are Cleaning Logs Safe? When you use them often and correctly, these logs are safe. You can burn the creosote log in your fireplace, so you don’t need to get into your chimney. These logs have chemicals that loosen the creosote, but you can use them in any wood-burning fire.

How often should you use a creosote log?

You can use a Creosote Log every time you have a fire in your fireplace to help remove the build-up and keep it from getting too thick over time. If you only need to use it once or twice a year, then we recommend using one each month as long as you regularly stay on top of cleaning out your chimney.

What can I burn to clean my chimney?

Sodium chloride, also known as table salt, is a simple chemical that is easy to find. Put a little salt in the fire while it is burning. The salt combines with the water in the burning wood to create a weak acid that travels up the chimney and dissolves small amounts of creosote.

Will burning an aluminum can remove creosote?

One method to loosen crusty or tarry creosote so it flakes off and falls down into the firebox or fireplace is to burn aluminum cans in a very hot fire. While this method works, it does not clean the chimney of creosote completely, and chimney brush cleaning is still necessary.

What dissolves creosote in chimney?

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to dissolve creosote and keep your chimney healthy. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water. Pour this mixture into your fireplace and light a fire. The vinegar will help to break down the creosote, making it easier to clean out.

Will a hot fire get rid of creosote?