How much is gas in Eau Claire?

How much is gas in Eau Claire?

Eau Claire

Regular Mid
Current Avg. $4.800 $5.054
Yesterday Avg. $4.763 $5.012
Week Ago Avg. $4.455 $4.661
Month Ago Avg. $4.090 $4.361

What are the gas prices in Hudson Wisconsin?

Fleet Farm. 1001 Industrial St. Hudson, WI. 0.58mi. $4.79. Amenities. C-Store.

  • Holiday. 131. 1920 Crest View Dr. Hudson, WI. 0.41mi. $4.79. Amenities.
  • Holiday. 125. 1917 Coulee Rd. Hudson, WI. 0.46mi. $4.79. Amenities.
  • Shell. 1611 Maxwell Dr. Hudson, WI. 0.57mi. $4.79. Amenities. C-Store.
  • BP. 1313 COULEE RD. Hudson, WI. 0.86mi. $4.64. Amenities.
  • Can Google Maps show gas prices?

    It couldn’t be easier. If you have Google Maps installed on your phone, you can quickly check gas prices from right inside the app. Just open Google Maps and tap the “Gas” button under the search bar. You’ll see nearby stations and the price of a gallon.

    How much is Chicago gas?

    Of the 10 largest U.S. cities, gasoline in Chicago is the fourth most expensive on average….Chicago gas prices 4th highest among ten largest cities.

    City Average gas price
    Chicago $6.02
    Phoenix $5.45
    Philadelphia $5.08
    New York City $5.08

    What is the average gas price in Wisconsin?

    For the state of Wisconsin, the average price per gallon is $4.81, also the highest average price ever. The price has risen 39 cents a gallon since last week. Across the U.S., a gallon of regular gas was selling for an average of $4.87 a gallon, also the highest average price ever.

    What is the average price of gasoline in the US?

    The US average for the price of a gallon of regular gas hit $4.99 according to the most recent reading from AAA Friday.

    Does Waze show fuel prices?

    Luckily, Waze has a feature that shows you the best prices at nearby petrol stations. It goes without saying that this feature is extremely helpful and will save you from having to drive around to different forecourts to find the best prices.

    Does Waze show gas stations?

    In the Waze app, the gas station option will show up below the search bar. Click on the gas pump icon and you’ll see all the stations. You can filter it by distance, price, or brand.

    Where in California is gas $10 a gallon?

    6 days ago
    A gas station in Mendocino, Northern California, is now charging nearly $10 a gallon. According to GasBuddy, it’s the most expensive gas in the US. MENDOCINO, Calif. — If you think gas prices are bad here in the Central Valley, be glad you’re not filling up in the Northern California community of Mendocino.