What was happening in Italy in 1348?

What was happening in Italy in 1348?

In April 1348, the plague reached the crowded city and the streets became littered with the bodies of the sick, dying and the dead, and with smells emanating from houses where the dead had been abandoned.

How did the Black Death get to Italy?

Spread by infected galleys coming from Kaffa (Crimea), the Black Death reached Genoa, as it now seems, in the late summer of 1347 AD. Genoa functioned as an epicentre from which the contagion was spread into the mainland through a complex system of routes, which linked Liguria to northern and central Italy.

When did the Black Death arrive in Italy?

Starting with the catastrophic arrival of the Black Death in 1347, Italian cities gradually began to take proactive public health measures to isolate the sick, quarantine possible carriers and restrict travel from affected regions, says John Henderson, a professor of Italian Renaissance history at Birbeck, University …

What was the Black Death in Florence?

The plague invaded Pisa in late 1347 and made its way to Florence in early 1348. Florence’s city records show that by April 1348, almost 60 to 80 deaths occurred each day due to the plague. On April 3, 1348, the city leaders took reasonable precautions to slow the spread of illness.

What did they think caused the Black Death in 1348?

What caused the Black Death? The Black Death is believed to have been the result of plague, an infectious fever caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. The disease was likely transmitted from rodents to humans by the bite of infected fleas.

What happened with the Black Death in 1348?

The catastrophic plague known as the Black Death hit Europe in 1348 and swept through the continent rapidly. It would eventually kill between a third and half of the population. These huge death tolls sparked off a chain of events that would change the position of the peasant in England forever.

What did the pope do with the bodies of those who had died from the plague?

He never contracted the disease, even though there was so much death around him that the cities ran out of ground for cemeteries, and he had to consecrate the entire Rhône River so that it could be considered holy ground and bodies could be thrown into it.

What was the plague in Medici?

the Black Plague
Florence is hit by the Black Plague and Cosimo moves the family to the safety of their estate outside the city.