How much does Lancer Evo cost?

How much does Lancer Evo cost?

About the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Sedan Original MSRP/Price Transmission
Lancer Evolution 4dr Sdn Man Final Edition $37995 / $36391 5-Speed Manual
Lancer Evolution 4dr Sdn Man GSR $34495 / $33038 5-Speed Manual
Lancer Evolution 4dr Sdn TC-SST MR $38995 / $37349 6-Speed Shiftable Automatic

How many Evo final editions are there?

So, it created the Lancer Evo Final Edition. 1000 were made for Japan, Motor Trend reports, and 1600 for the US.

How much is Lancer in Philippines?

As on Jun 04, 2022 there are 4 Used Mitsubishi Lancer EX cars available for sale in the Philippines….Used Mitsubishi Lancer EX for Sale Philippines Price List.

Model Price list
Used Mitsubishi Lancer EX Starts @ ₱350,000 *

How much was Evo 9 brand new?

It’s worth noting that this car originally carried a $37,000 MSRP in 2006, and wasn’t exactly built in limited numbers. Still, collectors love low-mileage cars, and we doubt there are many other Evo IXs in such nice condition. Apparently, someone thought it was worth $100,000 more than what it cost in 2006.

Whats better STI or Evo?

The 2015 STI has a bit of improved steering and suspension over previous generations, but any reviews and first-hand experiences say the Evo still feels sharper and grounded while still being light. If you buy a stock Evo, you can have the better handling without spending the extra money if you can’t afford it.

How much is a EVO final edition?

$38,491. $708.00/month est.

When was the last Evo built?

The tenth and final generation of the Lancer Evolution (Evo X) was launched in Japan in 2007, and overseas markets in 2008. The Evo X was produced for almost 10 years until it retired in April 2016.

Is Lancer EX a sports car?

The Lancer EX now gets a more aggressive front fascia and sports new features for both 1.6 GLS and 2 liter GT-A variants. What is eye catching about the Lancer EX is its sporty exterior. It now features a new front bumper design with an aggressive sporty look. The bumper now has chrome accents for the GT-A variant.

What is Lancer GTA?

The Lancer MF1 was a car cut during the development of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The name is an anagram of “McLaren F1”, and it is probably based on one. It also shares its name with a popular road and rally car, the Mitsubishi Lancer.

Is Evo expensive?

Evo is All Access. Your rates include gas, insurance, parking and all the KM you can dream of….Our rates.

Per minute rate $0.45?
Per hour rate $16.99?
Per day rate $99.99?
All access fee per trip $1.00?

How much is a Evo 8?

$37,999. $698.95/month est.